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A fundamental/basic assortment of streamers I never leave home without.  Large trout and other species like largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, etc,  like a meal, and streamers represent a "prime chunk" that any fish would be foolhardy to pass up.  A versatile assortment of great colors.....these flies are ones that I use and in order to earn a permanent spot in any of my boxes they must catch fish.  Fly fishing and fly tying pay the mortgage for me, and if a fly is in my box it has to work...or I won't carry it.  Like any fly, it has to have caught fish over time under a wide variety of conditions and water types.  Peacock, olive, black, and white are represented in this assortment.  In this 12 fly set you will get 2 each of my favorite six patterns....The Dead Squirrel, the Olive Zuddler Bugger, Black Krystal Bugger, White Zuddler Bugger, a White Meatwhistle, and a Black Meatwhistle.  The flies are great dead drifted, stripped, etc., but one of our favorite winter methods is using one of these patterns as a point fly in a 2 fly tandem.  Tie the streamer pattern on, then tie off the bend of the hook a 8" dropper of fluorocarbon, then tie a second smaller pattern off of it.  This setup is deadly on big fish, and is a great cold water technique.  Again, this assortment is 12 Flies, 2 of each fly shown.
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