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Genesis Equus Turbo Water Ionizer
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Genesis Equus Turbo Alkaline Water Ionizer

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EOS Water Ionizers are NRTL Certified. The highest standard in product safety.
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So, why the Genesis Equus?


Better flow rate (up to four liters a minute) and more power than the Genesis Platinum! Can be used commercially.

TURBO button makes creating the strongest alkaline and acid water easy!  Great for disinfecting, sterilizing and cooking!

With 325 watts of power, the Genesis Equus can create the perfect water for any situation, including the best drinking water for you and your family. 

Plus it has 9 platinum-titanium plates, 76 levels of pH and ORP adjustment, a large LCD seven color screen, and two .1 micron multi-stage activated carbon filters to get your tap water clean.

The Genesis Equus tops out at a range of 12.5 pH to 2.0 pH depending on the quality of your tap water... Almost the entire pH range!

This is all you and your family will even need to create the perfect drinking water at 9.5 pH, disinfectant water below 2.3 pH, or even a natural detergent above 11 pH.  With the Genesis Equus, you get everything!


Genesis Equus Features:

9 Platinum-Titanium Plates
Covers a surface area of 225 sq. inches. Made from the most precious materials on earth by the top metal manufacturer in Japan.

76 Programmable pH and ORP Levels
The Genesis Equus
allows you to program nearly any pH and ORP combination so you may easily customize the pH and ORP to the level that's right for you and your family.

Premium Dual Filtration
Genesis Equus
uses a premium activated carbon filter as well as a specialized media filter to improve the filtration of tap water contaminants including fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals.

Smart Filtration Technology (SFT)
Microchips are built into the outside of the filter casings, which monitor filter life and contamination levels and indicate the exact time to change your filter.

SMPS Power Control System
Applies stable power overcoming issues such as heat, noise, and loss of power.

Full Size Color LCD Screen
For displaying pH & ORP estimations + reading the auto-diagnosis system, filter life, flow rate, and more.

Automatic Water Flow Control
The Genesis Equus
was designed with ease of use in mind. There is no need to manually adjust your water flow. The Genesis Equus system will automatically turn your water on, filter it, and ionize it. Another smart feature of the Genesis Equus.

Automatic Cleaning System
The Genesis Equus
automatically cleans as you use it. No waiting, just fresh, ionized water every time.

Smart Auto-Diagnosis System
The Genesis Equus
continually monitors six internal operating systems ensuring product safety and optimal performance.

Automatic Draining System
Drains water from the electrolysis cell system and filter to enhance full system cleaning and greatly expand the life-span of the Genesis Equus
system above and beyond other standard ionizer systems.

Automatic pH and ORP Control and Display
Auto controls the pH and ORP of your water by adjusting the ionization according to the mineral content of your tap water. This allows the Genesis Equus
to estimate and display the pH and ORP of your water.

Advanced Voice Prompt System
The Genesis Equus
notifies you of each system function with soothing voice prompts, chimes, and soft music, all of which have five volume levels, as well as mute.

Real Time Water Flow Data
Monitors and displays the exact water flow rate, ensuring accurate pH and ORP levels in your water.

Contemporary Design
The sleek look and compact design of the Genesis Equus
can easily fit in with any decor in your kitchen or home.


Superior Materials All Genesis Equus systems utilize quality machinery, leak proof stainless steel adapters & non-toxic food-grade hose and plumbing. More reasons why Genesis Equus is the smart choice!

The Advanced Genesis Equus

Genesis Platinum Screen

No other drinking water ionizer and alkalizer communicates to you like the Genesis Equus!  It tells you the filter life remaining for the number one and number two filters.  It tells you the water flow in liters per minute.  It displays the pH of the water as well as the ORP (by pressing the "set" button).  If there is a problem with the Genesis, it displays an error code to tell you what's the problem.  In the Genesis setup, it displays the 76 different ionization levels, the volume, the dozens of ORP levels, and so much more!   

All of this plus free shipping and a free set of replacement filters for only $1895!


Countertop Water Ionizer Comparison

water ionizer decision making

With so many models, it can be confusing.  We've narrowed our chart down to the top models from the top companies.

Model: EOS Genesis Equus Turbo  EOS Genesis Platinum Tyent Turbo Extreme Life 7700 Jupiter Athena
Picture: genesis equus
Genesis Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Tyent Turbo Extreme Life Countertop 7700 Jupiter Athena Countertop
Watts: 325 300 375 309 80
Plates: 9  7 9 7 5 
Type of Plate: Patented Slotted Plate Technology Patented Slotted Plate Technology Mesh Hybrid Mesh or Flat Option Mesh
Plate Surface Area: 250 220 315 Unknown 87.5
Number of Settings: 4 Alkaline, 4 Acidic, 1 Filtered Only 4 Alkaline, 4 Acidic, 1 Filtered Only 4 Alkaline, 3 Acidic and 1 Filtered Only
4 Alkaline, 2 Acid, 1 Filtered Only 4 Alkaline, 2 Acid, 1 Filtered Only
Preset Ionization Levels Adjustable? Yes, 76 Additional Levels. Yes, 76 Additional Levels Yes, 60 Additional Levels. Yes, Unknown Additional Levels  No
Filtration: 2 Filter System, Activated Carbon 2 Filter System, Activated Carbon 2 Filter System, Activated Carbon 2 Filter System, Activated Carbon 2 Filters, Activated Carbon with Biostone
Warranty: 5 Years Unlimited Parts, Labor, and Shipping.  Lifetime Guarantee on Plates 5 Years Unlimited Parts, Labor, and Shipping.  Lifetime Guarantee on Plates Unlimited Lifetime

Lifetime on All Parts / 5 years on Labor.

Covers Shipping for Three Months Only

Limited Lifetime /  Details Not on Site
Assembled or Made from Manufacturer? Manufactured Manufactured Assembled Manufactured Manufactured
Price: $1895 $1695 $2695 $2497 $2195


Models:  These are the top models on the market.  EOS designs their models and manufacturers the components for those designs, making them a top-tier water ionizer company. Jupiter models are manufactured by Emcotech, also a top-tier manufacturer.  Tyent products are assembled, they have the power necessary for difficult US water.  Life Ionizers are manufactured by Biantech, a lower quality Korean manufacturer, but still better than assembly. Life Ionizers are also powerful.  

The Enagic SD501 was left off of this chart because it is too old.  It only has five settings and a very small filter.  With only 220 watts of power and 7 plates, and the old transformer type power supply that can be problematic and can over heat, it retails for $3980 and at that price, we do not recommend anyone to buy it. 

Slotted, Mesh, Flat Plates:  Flat plates (SD501, Life) are old technology.  The electrical current tends to concentrate on the edges of flat plates, causing wear and tear and the eventual destruction of the plate.  Mesh attempts to fix this problem by using wires attached to the plate to distribute the electrical current evenly, however the ridges caused by these wires trap minerals and reduce the performance of the plates.  The EOS's patented slotted plate technolgy that uses small cuts in the plate to distribute the electrical current evenly.  You end up with a plate that stays clean and will last a lifetime, that is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on the plates.  

Price:  Enagic set the bar high by selling their SD501 for $3980.  Since then, water ionizer distributors have felt pressure to sell their models at high prices to show the consumer that their products are just as good as Enagic.  When the consumer sees the Enagic product for nearly $4000 and another company's product for $2000, the consumer's mind finds ways to justify the higher price (must be a better model, better company, better water, etc.).  This is NOT the case.  The Enagic SD501 is expensive because of the multi-level-marketing program Enagic uses to sell it. This means if you buy their high priced machine you will be paying out $2300 of your hard money to thier Multi-level marketing distributors. Thank you very much, but I prefer to use that money for something more important! 

Considering that all US water ionizers are manufactured and distributed to their respective wholesale outlets for a very reasonable price, it is outrageous for any water ionizer to be sold for any more than $2495 for a countertop model and $2695 for an under counter model. 

Our Genesis Equus Turbo Water Ionizer is higher quality and will outperform just about every other model so our $1895 is a fair and correct price for what you get! 

Warranty:  The Genesis Equus Water Ionizers comes with an unlimited five years parts. labor, and shipping warranty, plus a lifetime warranty on plates compliments of Water For Life USA. This fantastic warranty can be made available to you because EOS gets their plates from the top metal company in Japan.  Plus, since our manufacturer (EOS) makes all the components for their products, we get replacement parts inexpensively, meaning we will be able to offer repairs beyond the five year warranty at very reasonable rates.  This is a sensible and realistic warranty that won't bankrupt WFL USA, our service provider company.  


Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer
Opererational Overview

EOS Features


Programming Your Equus or Genesis Platinum






Ionized water is a powerful antioxidant.
Imagine having the ability to take normal tap water and turn it into an antioxidant with a NEGATIVE ORP (or charge), which retards the aging process. Put simply, a high or rising ORP causes oxidation of our cells and therefore aging. The negative ORP of ionized water literally retards the aging process by counteracting this rising ORP. The Genesis Platinum Ionized water essentially renews us at a cellular level. For instance, real fresh squeezed orange juice has a negative ORP of -250. Although we can only drink a few glasses of fresh orange juice in a day, we can drink as much of the Genesis ionized water as we wish throughout the day.

Ionized Water is full of oxygen.
The other antioxidant quality of ionized water is hydroxyl ions. These are oxygen molecules with an extra electron attached to them as are all antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E. Hydroxyl ions scavenge for free radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules that cause damage to us. Once the hydroxyl antioxidant and free radical have canceled each other, the result is that the body is provided with lots of oxygen and therefore lots of energy.

Oxygen is one of the most exhausted nutrients in our body because of our diet and the Earth's oxygen-depleted environment today. Oxygen destroys cancer cells as well as bacteria and viruses invading the body. It carries away acid waste from body tissue. It is vital to human health, perhaps our most important nutrient. A glass of strong ionized water first thing in the morning naturally helps you to wake up.

Ionized water is up to six times more hydrating than regular water.
Water is one of the most important elements in the body, which is over 80% water. Ionized Water is fundamentally different from conventional water. This is because the size and shape of the water molecule cluster has reduced in size and change in shape to hexagonal, which allows the water cluster to pass through our tissue more easily. One of the primary causes of disease is chronic cellular dehydration, a condition, which leaves the body's cells in a perpetual state of weakness and defense. Drinking ionized water helps with this condition.

Ionized water is detoxifying.
This is also because of the reduced size and shape of the water molecule clusters. Once reduced, these water clusters pass through the body's tissue much easier and push out toxins and acid waste quite effectively. The Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer has several levels of strength so people who are extremely toxic can begin by drinking mild ionized water, slowly drinking it stronger as they acclimate to it.

Ionized water is alkaline.
Ionized water helps balance the body's pH, which tends to be acidic because of our diet comprised of cooked foods, pasteurized or otherwise processed foods. Soft drinks are the most acid substance a person can put in their body. This acidic condition creates an ideal environment in our body for disease to thrive. For example, accumulated acid waste in the joints encourages inflammation and arthritis. Because it is very alkaline, the Genesis ionized water dissolves accumulated acid waste and returns the body to a balance. Keeping ourselves alkaline is the first line of defense in fighting any disease.

Please contact us if you would like to hear more on the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water.

Watch the Video Now!

Dr. Robert Young CNN Interview about Ionized Water



Understanding the Importance of pH Balance
Eat Sensibly and Drink lots of Alkaline Water
(our thanks to Singapore Herbals for making this video possible)


Our Promise to You.
  • 60 Day Return Policy
  • 5-Year Warranty and support covered by Water For Life USA
Hi John,
I received my Genesis on Dec 1st. I absolutely LOVE it!!!. Installation was a breeze. I attached it to my cold water line and the water pressure valve and in-line filter were so easy to add in. The machine itself is pure luxury!!! My daughter and I have always loved our Harmony and didn't think it could get much better. Boy were we wrong. The Genesis is our new FAVORITE!!! A snap to install and a breeze to use. I really like the voice announcements and the ease of the display push button screen. We also love the new designer look and it looks so nice in our kitchen. We are crazy about it! Thank-you so much for making this so much more affordable for us and shipping it out to us so quickly! Please pass on our compliments and appreciation for the New Genesis to the makers and designers! Much Thanks and Appreciation to you too John as a Wonderful distributor of these wonderful products.
Happy Holidays,
Linda Utz

We bought our Harmony from you in January.  We love it!!! Our daughter-in-law is expecting a baby.  She was diagnosed with pre-clampsia (sp?) on March 21 at about 30 weeks along.  Her doctor told her that her kidneys and liver were in trouble.  They told her to (sorry if this is a gross thing to say but it is important) collect her urine for 24 hours and bring it in to be tested to see if they needed to take her baby early. 
She stopped at her alternative health care lady, Cindy, to see what she had to say about the pre-clampsia.   Cindy told her she needed to drink a minimum of 80 ounces of 9.0 Ph water every day.  
Well, we rushed our ionizer up to their house and hooked it up and she guzzled KYK water from Friday afternoon until Sunday when she started her collection, and then kept guzzling.  She took the sample in to them on Monday morning.
She found out the results of the test on Wednesday, March 26, and guess what??? Her doctor said, "Your kidneys and liver are doing great."  She didn't tell him why, but we all know why, it is the water she drank from your machine that helped her be better.  She is continuing to drink her 80+ ounces daily and we're hoping and praying that she can carry this baby to full term with the help of the water.  We don't dare bring home the water machine because we want her baby to go to full term.  So, we have decided to give them our machine and buy us another one...  
... Thank you again so much for making it possible for us to own a KYK machine.  We had someone try to sell us an Enagic for $4000 and we just can't afford that kind of money and besides your machine is superior to theirs. For half that cost of an Enagic we can have one for us and one to help our our daughter-in-law.
Dale and Pat

Hello John! I received the new water unit today and just had my first drink… Checked the pH etc, all systems go. I want to personally thank you for your fast and professional attention to my problem. I could not have asked for better customer service and what a pleasure actually talking to a human being when I called for a question. I will be recommending you and your products to anyone who has an interest in their health. Feel free to use me as a reference in the future. Thanks again!

Best regards,

Dave Stewart

Stewart Brothers Electronics




Some of the Genesis water effects:
  • in less then 2 months, I lost 4-5 kilograms, and 4-5 cm fat on my nipping
  • my head was totally hairless on the middle (3-4 years ago), and now the hair begins to grow
  • our patients like the taste and the effects of the water, most of them suffer from constipation, and when they drink the water, they don't have constipation
  • the water increase the positive effect of bioresonance therapy (probably better hydration, better conductivity)

Thanks, nice to meet you
Mr. Z, Hungary



Thank you very much.  I appreciate the automatic warranty. I am really excited about your product.  It is a good looking unit, it functions perfectly, and seems very sturdy.  It came with all the needed fittings and more.  I was using it the evening that I received it.

I am a very happy customer and thank you for the great customer service.   The water is delicious and if I see any positive health results with me, my family, or my cats, I will certainly give you a good news update. 

Take care and best regards,

For products I have an analyst mindset and make lots of research of the technology and products. I had been introduced to another product first where I learned about the ionizing technology. I knew already for some time that a alkaline body is a healthy body. I started my Internet research and decided to try the water of a $4000 Kangan Water machine as well as the KYK Harmony side by side - I considered both products the best on the market for home use at this time. I purchased test equipment to actually validate the water output. I have to say that I am now convinced after comparing both new machines the Harmony is the by far superior machine. It produces more precise PH and the actual measured ORP by far exceeds the one of the more expensive unit. The Harmony is adjustable whereas the other unit has no adjustments capabilities whatsoever. We were taking excellent food supplements for years but immediately after using the water we have seen tremendous additional health benefits. Within 3 days my wife had heavy detox reactions and a 180 degree mood improvement. The coffee tasted so good that other people wanted to purchase the unit it just for that. I already released several pounds of weight (along with weight reduction patch) which worked much better with the water. I already know the the decision to buy this unit was one of the best investments I have made in years for ourselves. I am now totally convinced about the Harmony and look very forward to spread the word and recommend it to all my circle of influence.
Kind regards
Peter, Dallas, TX

Just thought to share with you the following. I installed a Genesis machine for my daughter about four months ago and got this report a couple days ago.
Sincerely, TH

Hi Dad!
Wanted to share my results from the doctor with you! 
My Hemoglobin (a protein which enables the RBC to distribute oxygen throughout the body – the amount of oxygen in the body tissues depends on how much hemoglobin is in the red blood cells) was 12.7  (Normal Values 11.0 – 16.0 g/dl)  Cholesterol 183 ( Normal Values <200 mg/dl) HDL 70 (Normal Values >35 mg/dl) and Triglyceride <45  (Normal Values <150 mg/dl). 
My doctor was impressed with how my results improved from last year!!  I'm convinced that the ionized water has increased the oxygen in my blood and help balance me out!!!
Love you!
Thank you very much.  I appreciate the automatic warranty. I am really excited about your product.  It is a good looking unit, it functions perfectly, and seems very sturdy.  It came with all the needed fittings and more.  I was using it the evening that I received it.
I am a very happy customer and thank you for the great customer service.   The water is delicious and if I see any positive health results with me, my family, or my cats, I will certainly give you a good news update. 
Take care and best regards,

I have just finished my first 7 days with my Genesis water unit.  It is amazing!  Thank you for your efforts in bringing this machine to the USA.  I am enthusiastic about sharing it.
David, Georgia

Since I haven't been to a doctor in a good while, I decided to go and visit him. I was down 37 pounds and my blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature were well within range. He told me the last time I went to see him to get blood work done and a colonoscopy. I did neither. However, my health has greatly improved no thanks to him. He realized that as well because he mentioned how much weight I have lost.
He printed me a couple of papers and was insistent that I get my blood work and a colonoscopy. So, I made an appointment with the "Digestive Specialist" he referred me to. While on the phone, I began to inquire about costs. The girl on the phone told me the procedure had a $1300 price tag attached. I didn't let this phase me even though I knew this would be an out-of-pocket expense for me and also probably did not include the anesthesiologist fee.
I went to the appointment and filled out the paperwork given to me. I sat back down for several minutes until they called me back to the window. The girl there told me that since this is January and they know we haven't made our deductible, I would have to pay up front. I had to inquire about the cost which I found out was $200. This is to see the doctor for a consultation only. Needless to say, I passed.  If you do the math here, we are looking at a cost of about $2,000 for a procedure I may not need with no guarantee whatsoever. I really do feel that I don't need the procedure because the several people I have talked to who own a water machine said their colonoscopy had come out clean as a whistle.
My doctor told me about colon cancer and said it could be fatal if not caught early. He did not respond when I told him that cancer cannot live in alkalized cells. I am also sure he has had other patients who have bought a machine and he has seen the tremendous results as well. He refuses to talk to me about a machine.
When I tell  people what the machine will do for them, they refuse to believe me.They tell me we all are going to die someday, etc. Well, if I am going to die someday anyway, why should I spend $2,000 on a medical procedure?? My life isn't worth $2,000 just as many others aren't worth $1500 for a machine they could be sharing with family and friends.

Dr. G is buying a machine from me soon.  She is an ENT doctor/surgeon, but has a dual practice in Holistic medicine.  She has been detoxing me for over a month now.  I got a QFA/BTA test a month ago and had a follow up test today.  I have lost 30 pounds in 30 days without changing my diet.  She has me on a number of enzymes and stuff.  I had been drinking alkaline water a week before I first saw her.  She said that alkaline water was the best therapy for detox, so I bought a machine.  (a great one at that!)
My mother is in love with her machine and I am sure in a week or so all of her friends will want one.  I am also considering placing a small ad in a Holistic health newspaper called Aquarius that is popular around here.
S.G, Georgia 

"The prime reason I bought my water ionizer about a month ago was that I was hopeful that it might help to relieve my my digestion problems that would typically keep me awake for half the night. For the past 25 years, I lived on acid reducers having tried every over-the-counter brand as well as a few prescription jobbies. However, ever since I started using my ionizer a month ago, I have not had the need to take a single acid reducer. More importantly, I sleep better (not perfect, but much better). However, the other benefit from using the ionizer is just as dramatic and something I never expected. I had complained to doctors for many years that I was never able to exercise for more than twenty minutes at a time nor exercise more than two or three times a week even though every doctor would tell me to exercise more. It seemed that my muscles and lungs would reach exhaustion after twenty minutes of exercising and it was practically impossible for me to exercise two days in a row. However, since using my ionizer, I am able to not only exercise five or six times a week, but also exercise longer (up to 40 min.) each time. Obviously, it was the higher pH and the additional oxygen from the ionized water that made the tremendous difference. Maybe you ought to tell Barry Bonds."
_____________ Thomas , New Orleans.

"I purchased my water ionizer as a Christmas gift for my husband. I know the health benefits are there but the most noticable is that the water just tastes so much better than our tap water or water through a "Brita" filter. Another amazing benefit is the effect on my house plants. I save the discharge water and use it to water my plants. My cyclamen, peace lilly, and African violets are all flowering as never before - they are loaded with blooms. The greenery is healthy and lush. I never expected this result. Anyone with house plants will be thrilled with the side benefit of the an alkaline, ionized water."
__________ PH, Hawaii.

"My experience stems from a close family member with cancer and a quick education on how cancer cells tend to react to a alkaline environment in the body. I purchased a unit and did a ph test on my wife and I before we started using the new alkaline filtering system. I tested fair and the wife was acidic. We began the use of the alkaline water for drinking, cooking, etc. along with good diet and vitamin supplementation. In approximately two months we retested our ph levels and the wife and I both improved our ph substantially. Unfortunately our family member was diagnosed too late with their cancer for anything to help. But, I have a cat that has cancer and the vet wanted to put her down in February of this year but we needed time to accept his recommendation. We put her on a better diet and began giving her only alkaline water and four months later her strength and appetite is returning along with the reduced swelling of her glands caused by the cancer. Was it the alkaline water??? All I know is my cat is living a fairly normal life four months after her vets recommendation to terminate her life. I am not a doctor and have no formal education concerning medical issues, all I know is my body and my family members have seemed to benefit from lots of alkaline water, good eating habits and appropriate vitamin supplements. I will continue to drink healthy for life!"
___________ RW, Wisconsin.

"I had read about the importance of pH balancing, and even about a healing resort in Switzerland with natural mountain stream water with a pH of 9 (a little alkaline) that has healed many people of a variety of diseases. I measured the pH of my tap water to be a pH of 6 (slightly acidic), and my reverse-osmosis water to be a pH of 5.5 (more acidic!). I bought my Harmony water ionizer because I was concerned about health problems caused by drinking and cooking with this water. I set it to output with a pH of 9, and my wife and I use it for all drinking and cooking water. I found that I craved this water and drank more water over the day than before because it tasted so good. After a few days, we both noticed that our feces was dark and goopy, but there was no discomfort. This continued for about a month, and then our feces went back to normal. Since the same thing happened to both of us, and the water was the only thing we changed, we knew it was the water that caused this cleansing effect. We were surprised to get this effect since we had both been taking Primal Defense probiotic for several years. We both feel better after having switched to the Harmony water ionizer."
_____________ Jeremy, Sacramento, CA.
"Purchasing the Harmony purifier has been one of the best decisions I have made for my family. After I had tried the alkaline water on two occasions, I had wanted to purchase one. The water is incredible...it is so easy to stay hydrated because it tastes so good! We cook with it, we make our coffee with it and we notice that even our "green" drinks mix up differently, the greens stay in suspension in the drink, and it tastes good! I use the acid water on anything that I want to deodorize and it works...water bottles, sponges, dishcloths, etc. no longer smell stagnant. I love my Harmony and would recommend this purifier to everyone!"
________________ Jolene, Toledo, Ohio.

"One of the first things I noticed with the Harmony purifier mode was when I had used it as a water supply for my Salt Water Aquarium. These fish are notoriously delicate and susceptible to water contaminants. I kept having problems with keeping my fish alive, but after switching from tap water to the purified water out of the Harmony, my fish were surviving. I then figured that if the tap water was slowly killing my fish, what could it be doing to us who drink it daily? Now, I drink almost all my water from the Harmony. Thank you!"
_______________ TR, Carmichael, CA.
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