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MADE IN USA THREADS is a family owned and operated small business.  Our mission is to bring premium MADE IN USA clothing to the American people.

What does the logo on your shirt stand for?  If you own a Polo shirt, what does that little man on horse carrying a polo stick, or practically any other widely recognizable garment industry brand image, really stand for?

To us, it is a symbol of a clothing industry that once thrived in America that has now been outsourced overseas.  It is a symbol of soaring trade deficits and high unemployment rates here in America.

MADE IN USA THREADS was created because we don’t want to wear that kind of symbol on our clothing.  It doesn’t stand for who we are.  We prefer to wear clothing that says MADE IN USA on it!

What does that stand for?  It stands for American jobs.  It stands for investing in the future or our country and our communities.  It stands for turning around a disturbing outsourcing trend that has slowly chiseled away at the foundation of our economy.  Finally, it stands for protecting the few remaining garment manufacturers left in this country before they too become the victim of outsourcing. 

MADE IN USA THREADS, a brand that’s MADE IN USA and is proud to show it!   When we wear these clothes, we wear them proudly. 

So can you!

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