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This is a unique photo mosaic or

Digital Media - Please read the entire description before purchasing.

This is a unique and VERY RARE photo mosaic or 'Giclée' montage created by me. The images were carefully extracted from original sources before being put through the 'mosaic' process to create the piece of artwork you see above.

These photo mosaics are carefully created using thousands of images on a theme. What you see close up are lots of individual images - from a distance it becomes 1 solid image.

This one is the 'Heroes - Nathan' Adrian Pasdar poster with hundreds of snapshots of the last episodes of season 3 behind it.

Details of this photo:

12500 x 7840 pixels, 24 bit depth, 280MB Bitmap image.

Full Color.

To fully appreciate this picture, it needs be be seen on a larger canvas - a computer monitor really doesn't do it justice. These look great when printed poster size, around 40" x 26" or larger.

I have included here a 'close up' portion.

The watermark is not on the original artwork.

There are others selling similar photo mosaics on Ebay and elsewhere online, but they're usually much smaller, you can't appreciate the detail and quality of such a beautiful piece of art when the images are barely recognizable. Why have thousands of pictures you can't really see?
All our images are clear and viewable.

There are 3 ways to get this image.

1.  You can download a copy from a secure online folder.

Once payment has been made I send you the online link to your image with a password to download your purchase.
You can then simply view it on your PC or take a copy to your local Fedex / Kinko's or other copyshop, (link to pricing here) and have them print it
whatever size you want!

2. I can print a 11" x 8.5" copy and mail it to you.

3. I can send you a copy of the picture on CD to print any way you want.

I guarantee that this is an original work of art done by me and will only be sold in limited quantities. These can't be found in any stores or are sold by anyone else in the world. These are UNIQUE and only sold by US.
- Get yours while it's still available!

These look great as a mural, or simply as a framed picture.

Thanks for looking!

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On Aug-21-09 at 09:20:25 PDT, seller added the following information:

On Aug-25-09 at 13:07:28 PDT, seller added the following information:

I have had some people question my description pages saying I don't specify that this is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Let me specify - I DON'T send posters through the mail, these are DIGITAL IMAGES. I send you a link, you download and print these artworks whatever size you need. NO POSTERS WILL BE MAILED TO YOU. There are hundreds of copyshops all over the world that can print these, I am not one of them. These artworks are UNIQUE, they CANNOT be bought anywhere other than here, NO ONE else have these for sale. I created these on my own, the images you see on these description pages have been designed and uploaded by myself. ***** If you don't understand what this all means DO NOT purchase any artwork from me. *****

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