Limited Edition "Mark of Zorro" Sword

Price: $119.95
Item Description - This is a limited edition replica of the sword used by Antonio Banderas in the movies "Mark of Zorro and Mask of Zorro" by United Cutlery.  Shortly after the release of the "Mark of Zorro," United Cutlery produced a series of 2000 replicas with each official replica having the actual number of the sword in the 2000 series itched onto the blade.  The sword comes with an aluminum scabbard with simulated leather wrap and antique silver plated cast metal tip and throat.  The actual sword  has an overall length of 36 1/2" and has a 30" 420 J2 stainless unsharpened blade. The blade features fancy antique silver scrollwork etching at the tang.  Cast metal handle with black simulated leather wrap grip and antique silver plated hand guard and pommel. This sword is sword number 1624 in the 2000 series.  I consider this item used, although since it's purchase it was used sole for display purposes.  It has not been played with, banged on, or knicked in any way.  The condition is like new and does not come with the actual certificate of authenticity.  The engraved number on the sword's blade verifies the authenticity.  PLEASE NOTE:  This sword is not the "Mark of Zorro" sword being sold on ebay for $15 - $35.  It is not a mass produced forgery from China.

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