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Creating traffic to your store can be made easier with the use of Promo Items that help you point potential customers to your store location.  Just like with Brick and Mortar stores, customers need to know your location!

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Your own fully functional online store 4free

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This is it!
Your opportunity to start your e-commerce business with my Free Instruction Guide

Our website was created to assist those who want a presents online to sell products or just have an online location, without paying a monthly charge for hosting and all the other re-occurring costly items you run into when trying to set up an online store. 

Yes, sell products, your own or anyone’s products, with a complete free shopping cart, back office system, with inventory control, auto-email notification to your customers, auto-invoicing, notification to you that a sale has been made and notification that payment was received so you can ship products.  Payment will go directly into your free PayPal account.

Your site if you follow my directions, will be hosted at no monthly cost to you.  You may have noticed I used the word "monthly".  I did this for a reason.

The hosting will cost nothing but your time to setup and maintain to the degree you find necessary.

The only required cost will be for a dot com address, and that will cost you less than $12 a year and could be as little as $7 per year.  You need to purchase it from GoDaddy, the vendor I recommend. They have free parking for your IP address when you purchase it from them, plus forwarding features at no cost.  This is the program I am familiar with so lets keep it simple.

Besides I like Danica Patrick 

You will be able to create your own page templates from scratch and upload, or if your like me you will take advantage of the many templates that are furnished by the hosting service at no charge.

These templates can be modified to fit your needs with very little effort using their Template Editor Program, with no knowledge of the html language.

I have created a sample store online so you can view the appearance of a store easily built with Vendio's Template Editor and very little html, other than some boarder and line images which are very easy to use.  (I will be adding some sample products later to give it a more complete look)  .......  Click Here and take a look

I will give you direction to some great html assistance sources, plus a free 2 week online courses if you decide to become more creative.

In my free Instructions, I will give a good basic description of the features of the Template Editor and how to use its features to create and edit your internet store.

You will not be limited to a few pages like many free sites or even some that have a monthly charge. 

You will be able to place your product in general category’s  or specific category’s with a sub-category if need for your items.  You can place product images and write image descriptions for each item to describe your products in detail for your customers.  This helps your customers feel they know your products rather than just looking at a picture and a price.  The amount of detail you give is up to you with little, if any limitation.

You will be able to create your original standard template layout, and then make small changes that reflect an up coming holiday. You can save these holiday templates by names and switch to them during particular holidays to help improve sales and reflect the spirit of the season.  You can easily switch back to your standard template after the holiday sales period has past.  You can also create special text for display during special events and switch back after the event.  This is a great feature!

There are four (4) things needed to create this free amazing e-commerce store front for your products at an annual cost of less than $12.

1.  You will need a dot com name and it should be one that represents you and/or your products, and one that you feel might be easily promoted.
    (Creating traffic to your site will be left up to your imagination.  I will let you know upfront that creating traffic is probably the hardest part of having an online presents).  It is a challenge, but can be a profitable venture!  Use inexpensive sources for your advertising methods, like Business Cards, Ad Cards, Magnetic Cards, T-shirt, and Magnetic signs for your car, truck or even an RV if you travel in one.  Be creative! These things do not cost much and when you do not have monthly expenses you can spend a little in advertising to create traffic to your store.  I personally use VistaPrint for advertising items that I give out to potential customers.  Again, inexpensive and great service.  Plus they run a lot of specials you can take advantage of in your quest for traffic creating methods.

2.  You will need an email address that matches the dot com name you select.  It keeps everything more professional looking. 

Example: (for your dot com) and ([email protected])  (for your email address)  This way, you do not have to pay for email service at the hosting services.  After your business starts to create an income warranting expenditures for email service by your hosting service, you can add this feature to your business.  It is nice, but not a necessity at start up.

3.  You will need a PayPal account.  Just a plain account, not a business account.  If you already have a PayPal account, with a different email address that you gave to them, no problem we will just tie that account to your new free shopping cart.  After your account is created, we will advance it to their "Premier Account" at no charge.  That will allow all customer payments to be deposited into your account at PayPal.   PayPal charges a very small handling fee per transaction, again no cost till you sell………..

That’s the way you want it!

No money out, till money comes in!

(To setup a PayPal account you need a credit card or be willing to have them link to your bank account).

4.  You will need free hosting that furnishes/site creation tools/free shopping cart/free inventory management/free automatic back office management/free item and image display control. (I will show you how to get this hosting for free)
My Free Instruction Guide will direct you through the steps necessary to get your e-commerce store online with your products or your message to your potential customers.  This site and others where created using this "site creation" system.

The sites listed below have a combined annual cost of $22.  This allows our quality products to be available at very reasonable prices. That monthly charge you would normally pay for hosting could be better spent for advertising expenditures which can add to your profit instead adding to your expenses.  Think of it this way, you can have a store online and your rent is around $10 or less per year…………..not bad!

I will email you my Free Instructions Guide to assist you in creating your store.  These instructions will be in a PDF format.  Click here for a free PDF reader.

In addition to all of the above, with the assistance of our recommended hosting service, you will soon be able to create a Facebook fan page for your site and then link the two together so that your products or page information becomes available to Millions of facebook user's.   How great is this, and at no cost to you.

I request only three things of you in return.  And they are as follows:

You place links to my 3 sites on your “Home” page.  Location of your choice.
They are: ,

If you have a pet or pets that you leave indoors, please purchase one of our inexpensive Pet Emergency Signs at for the safety of your pet.  It is something we may not think of with everything going on in our lives.   When you place our sign in your home or RV window, a first responders can be alerted that your pets are inside and need help!!  **PLEASE, YOUR PET DEPENDS ON YOU FOR ITS SAFETY **  If you do not have an indoor pet please purchase one of our Custom Designed 3D Greeting card at  The products on these two sites are all designed and hand crafted by us.  You can purchase a Personalized Custom Designed card with name and theme you request for that special person in your life.  The pricing for your special (1) of a kind Custom Designed 3Dimentional Greeting Card will pleasantly surprise you, it will take a couple of weeks to create and ship your Personalized card.  Make your special friend say “WOW! How thoughtful you are”.   

If you are please with the results of my efforts in providing this information, Please make a positive comment on your site and a link it to us so others can benefit from this site.  I would appreciate your help.  Creating traffic is what it is all about, so lets help each others efforts.

The above three requests are strictly on the honor system and can be done after your site is online.  I like to think of it as a finders appreciation gesture!

I hope you appreciate my efforts and comply with the three requests.  Please don’t forget to return and comply.  Thanks!

That’s it, no gimmick’s or other requirements.

The rest is up to you!  Request my Instructions today and get your online store going so you can get your products out to the public and make some money.

While using my Free PDF File of Instructions, you can access all the resources you will need right from here!  So bookmark us for easy of return or drag our http address to your desktop.  Keeping this site open in another tab or window may be the easiest when you are trying to build a site.  You can quickly access our vendors sites for assistance!

Your PDF Adobe Reader

Send your email to: [email protected] and I will send your free PDF File of instructions via return email.

Let me assure you that your email address will not be part of any list, to be given or sold to anyone and will be maintained by me only for the purpose of supporting your needs to get your store up and running.

After your site is up and running send me an email and I will add your site link to my affiliate pages on all three (3) of our sites.

The Online Store 4U Team

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