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"The Energy Of Life"


FusionExcel's Quantum Pendant is made from natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level. It produces scalar energy that helps to enhance the body's biofield. The Quantum Pendant promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. By restoring the energy balance in the body this pendant helps one to maintain health and well-being.


  • Brand New & Boxed
  • Every Pendant Comes with Box & an Authenticity Card.
  • Every Pendant has an unique authenticity product ID and Passwork for ONLINE REGISTRATION printed on the authenticity card at www.fusionexcel.com

   The Nature of Energy


All of the energy that we normally think of is characterized by both particle and wavelike properties. The waveform of all these energies can be graphed as a hertzian wave (either in the form of a sine wave or a step wave).

We're talking about everything from electricity to magnetism, from light to sound.

The only difference between all of these forms of energy is how fast the waves rise and fall (the frequency) and how intense those rises and falls are (their amplitude).

   Benefit of Scalar Energy

  • Eliminates the negative effects level of man-made frequencies/radioactive. (TV, cell-phone, electric cable and computer).
    1. Scalar energy frequency will neutralize man-made frequencies to harmless frequencies to human.
  • Increasing every cell energy level to 70-90 mini volts. (70-90 mini volts are the healthy cell voltages in our body).
  • Relive fatigue, tiredness and stress.
    1. Scalar Energy will help to energize our cells back to healthy state and maintain the electrical charges, thus we will feel less fatigue, tiredness and stress after work.
  • Protect cell-DNA from damage and prevent cancer cells.
    1. DNA particles are connecting with each other by hydrogen bonds. When hydrogen bonds of DNA damage, some of the DNA particles will loose out and become cancer cells.
    2. Scalar Energy able to imprint in human DNA, and protect hydrogen bond from damage by increasing its energy.
  • Enhance detoxification and nutrient uptake process. (Like sugar-diabetes, cholesterol, oil, hypertension, toxin.)
    1. Enhance system to absorb of vitamin from foods and drink and increasing system detoxification of chemicals of food and drinks.
    2. Provides higher cell wall permeability, making detoxification and nutrient uptake process easier.
  • Strengthens body immune system.
    1. When the cell gets enough energy (70-90 mini volts), detoxify and nutrient uptake process is functioning at best state, the cells will become healthy cells. When cells are healthy, they are able to fight against the bacteria in our body.
  • Cleanses the blood and improves blood profile.
  • Improves mental focus and helps to regulate bloods pressure.
    1. Scalar Energy can cleanse the blood, improve chylomicron (protein / fat particles suspended in the blood). When blood is clean and chylomicron and triglyceride profile is at optimum levels, the blood level flow will more than fluent, this will help regulate the blood pressure.
  • Strengthens immune function up to 149%.
  • Exerts anti-depression effects by inhibiting the reuptake of noradrenalin.
  • Prevents or reverses cancer cells.

  Personal Scalar Energy Devices

My interest in the Personal Scalar Energy Device arose because two of my friends reported that their mothers, who both suffered from stroke and were wheel-chair bound, improved after owning Personal Scalar Energy Devices. I discovered that hundreds of others have also benefited from improved energy levels to reduced pain, stiffness and headaches, and better sleep upon owning the Personal Scalar Energy Devices.

Many athletes and golfers wear them to improve their performance, and some mothers reported that their hyperactive children became calmer after owning them.

These ?ersonal  Scalar Energy Devices?emit scalar energy that act as healing energy to the cells, and can start the healing process even after it has stopped for many years.

Scalar energy can also improve the health-qualities of water and food, and there are many testimonies from those who drink the scalar-energized water, including one lady who claimed it cured her infertility!

The scalar energy devices emitting minerals have also been imbedded into flasks, bracelets, pendants and wristwatches. So there are many ways to benefit from this energy.

A search on the web reveals that mainstream science regards scalar energy as ?seudoscience? ?something that exists only for those who believe in it. Tome that is not surprising, because the pharmaceutical companies and doctors here in the US are making millions of dollars keeping you sick.

While there are expensive and sophisticated machines to help us recover from catastrophic illnesses, it is still better to prevent the illness.

 Get Yourself a Personal Scalar Energy Pendant

The best way to see how the Scalar Energy works for you is to get yourself a Scalar Energy device, for instance, a pendant. You might not notice anything for a week or two or more or you might be like me and notice something within the first 24 hours. Based on what I know and my personal experience, I truly believe that everyone should be wearing a Scalar Energy Pendant, and yes, everyone in my family is currently or will be wearing one soon.

I understand that the scalar energy 
Scalar Energy Pendants are worn all over the world in over 40 countries but some friends from certain countries did not come to know about them until early 2008.  

Well, now that they are here it is time for you to get your own Personal Scalar Energy Pendant.





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