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FusionExcel Scalar Energy 

Quantum Shield And Quantum Premium Pendant

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                   Note: This Listing Sale for 1 Box FE Quantum Shield ( 6pcs )                                                        And 1 FE Quantum Premium Pendant ( Round Or Rectangle Shape )                     

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And the Grammy goes to... FusionExcel!!!

2011 Grammy Nominees and Winners wanted to be charged with some FusionExcel Scalar Energy before their big night at the Grammys! Once again, Hollywood celebrities were speechless and continue to be amazed by the effectiveness of FusionExcel's Quantum Science products. Many stars immediately placed a Quantum Shield at the back of their cell phones when they stopped by FusionExcel's corner at the 2011 Grammy Award Red Carpet Gift Suite Event at the London Hotel, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA.

The most talked about Latin Female Singer T Lopez kissing FE's Grammy Autograph Board!

The Organizer (Actor and Movie Producer, Roger Zamudio) of the Event was excited and was looking forward to meet with FE Founder CEO Paul Ting who dropped in during the Event. It was truly exciting to witness the excitement and amazement the Celebrities show towards our products!

Wladymyr Udovychenko, Rita Branch, Paul Ting, Linda Ting and Roger Zamudio

Paul Ting with well known actress Bai Ling and Roger Zamudio   Printz Board, Musical Director, Producer and Songwriter of the famous band Black Eyed Peas
Among the hundreds of Celebrities who came during the event, we had the honor of Grammy Winners, Grammy Nominees and Movie Stars giving FusionExcel two thumbs up !

CCH Pounder and her character in Avatar, Moat

Martha De Laurentiis, Producer of more than 20 Hollywood great movies including Hannibal, U-571 and Red Dragon.

  Stephen Baldwin who appeared for several seasons in the Celebrity Apprentice.

The Famous R&B Singer and Grammy Winner, Sleepy Brown.

  Ralph Rieckermann, former Bassist of the famous rock band Scorpion.

It was truly amazing that right after we performed some kinesiology tests on the celebrities to show the effectiveness of FusionExcel's Quantum Science products, some celebrities took out their expensive cell phones and said “Put that thing on my phone now, I've gotta have that!”. Such confident being displayed by the Super Stars towards our products was indeed a fabulous feeling and very encouraging! They simply loved our products ! It goes on to prove that the potential for FE's products is HUGE in the USA and totally untapped ! 

Below are more photos of the Singers, Actors, Actresses, Producers, Grammy Nominees and Winners!!!

AHOO! AHOO!! AHOO!!! From Hollywood! 

With Dr Letitia Wright "Wright Place" TV Show.

  Sal Landi, General Hospital, Mentalist.

Adriane Anderson, BET and Grammy Award Nominee, Urban Gospel Group TRI-NI-TEE.

  Michael Bolton (Left): Flipped, Letters To God & Award Winning Drama "Misbehave" Jillian Clare (Right): Victorious, Miss Behave & Castle.

T Lopez, the next Mexican American Sensation!

  Cuttino Mobley (Right) L.A. Clippers.

Steven Cooke (Right) ,British Sensation known as the LA Beverly Hills Rocker.

  Shawn Hookoff (L) Singer. Jon Asher (R) Singer.

Samantha Marq, SC Johnson Heiress and Singer.

  Alisa Reyes (Right), Da Jammies,Varsity Blues, Venice Beach, Wetsuit.

Luenell, Borat, All About Steve.

  Austin Anderson TV Series "Victorious".

Alyssa Campanella (R) Miss Teen USA 2011 Alexis Swanstrom (L)Miss California Teen USA 2011.

  Booboo & Fivel Steward, Twilight Eclipse.

Leon Thomas III, Victorious, Recording Artist.

  Jaala Pickering, Dam 999, True Blood.

Thomas Hobson,TV Series Fresh Beat Band.

  Jensen Reed, Singer.

Kaycee Stroh, High School Musical.

  Shar Jackson, Moesha, Celebrity Fit Club.

Mickey Reid, Victorious.

  Saige Campbell, Teen Star, Singer & Actress "I Heart Huckabees".

Power Ranger.

  Sasha & MarcusMickey Reid, Victorious.

James Pitt, Avatar.

  Preity Uupala, Miss Earth Australia 2009.

Kali Hawk, Couples & Get Him to the Greek.

  Ralph Rieckermann (L),from the rockband Scorpion.

Brandon Smith,Sonny with a Chance, Skating with the Stars.

  Qwes Kross, Akon's Label 50/50 Konvict Muzik.

Mr Paul Ting and Jonathan "Lil Thunder" Arellano, perfect professional boxing career.

  Zach Callison, Funny or Die, Perfect Couples, Hannah Montana.

Quantum Shield Launch A Huge Success! >

Protects healthy cells against harmful invisible EMF or EMR damage.

FusionExcel Scalar Energy Technology (SET) is leading the way in Energy Medicine innovations with the introduction of its new Quantum Shield. This revolutionary Quantum Shield offers the most advanced technology to address stress where you live, work and play. Its universal application means the same Quantum Shield can be applied on all your electronic tech-gadgets (wired or wireless), household appliances, etc. – all of which emit various levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) or electromagnetic radiation (EMR). 

Research has shown prolonged and repeated exposure to aggressive EMF and EMR causes a measurable stress response and negative shifts in the body's key energetic systems such as the bio electric field. It also triggers a series of troubling biochemical responses. Studies have linked electro pollution to health concerns like fatigue and hyper-tension, as well as potentially much more dangerous conditions. 

The Scalar Energy from the Quantum Shield will strengthen the body's biofield preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting one's health. Quantum Shield is the ultimate first-line defense against electro pollution, FusionExcel's Quantum Shield can be used on any appliance or device emitting electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) or electromagnetic radiation (EMR), such as mobile phones, home phones, cars, microwaves, computers, game consoles, home appliances, etc. If it plugs and plays on DC or AC currents, protect it with Quantum Shield. 

Some appliances may need only 1 Quantum Shield, others may need 2, 3 or more depending on the nature of the device. Here are some usage guidelines:

  Larry King Cell
Phones & Cancer
  Dr George Carlo
EMF Cell Phone 
Dangers Interview
  Watch Quantum Shield Demonstrations!  
  Watch Phua Chu Kang Video Demo Quantum Shield!  
  Practical Guide to 
The Benefits 
of Scalar Energy
  The Dangers Of Invisible EMF And EMR Pollution To Our Health  
  Quantum Shield 
  "Beware Electrosmog"
Article by Dr Amir Farid, Sunday Star 15 August 2010.
  Read Mobile Phone Health Risk in UK Daily Mail!  
  Read Yahoo News Re Mobile Phone Radiation!  
"The Energy Of Life"
  Well Known Australian Brain Cancer Surgeon Warns Of EMR!

Every FE Premium Quantum Pendant has the following values:
  Wellness Value

Intrinsic Value
FusionExcel's Premium Quantum Pendant produces scalar energy that helps to enhance the body's biofield. The Premium Quantum Pendant promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. By restoring the energy balance in the body this pendant helps one to maintain health and well-being.
Wear it on a chain or carry it in your pocket. The scalar energy from the pendant works outwardly and within the body. Outwardly scalar energy enhances the body's bio-field. Inwardly it works to facilitate cell permeability and thereby enhances the many physiological functions of the cells in the body.


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