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Bark Prevention Collar

Condition: New
Price: $45.00

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Does your dog bark at the wrong times? Are you sick of the neighbors complaining? Can't get any quiet time on your day off? Can't train your dog not to bark?

New high tech bark prevention collar that uses ultrasonic sound technology!

Help your dog learn to control his/her barking without causing any physical harm.

This collar is a very effective behavior modification device to help train your dog to reduce / stop nuisance barking.

Triggered by your dog's bark vibration, you can set the collar to emit either an ultrasonic only or ultrasonic + audible sound. Your dog will quickly learn to associate barking with the ultrasonic beep of the collar.

This is an effective training device to control your dogs excessive barking in a non harmful way (unlike some other bark control products on the market).

Built to last, the fully weather resistant collar design can withstand tough daily abuse and fits comfortably around the neck of your favorite furry companion.

It is water resistant and can be used for both urban home dogs as well as outdoor sport dogs.


  • Primary Function: Bark Prevention Training Collar
  • Materials
    - Black stretch elastic collar
    - Waterproof two-piece cased ultrasonic sound generator (grade I plastic)
    - Two AG10 button batteries
  • Controls
    - ON/OFF
    - High Sensitivity
    - Low Sensitivity
    - Ultrasonic
    - Audible

    Other Features:

  • Worlds first fully weather resistant bark control product of 2009!
  • High and low sensitivity function allows you to select the correct setting for your dogs barking
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