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about us

(wall´-bee) Round Wall Art was created by artist and designer Rob Thomas. Rob's work has been published in nearly every major magazine in the US, from Better Homes and Gardens to Reader's Digest.

The Walbea is my passion.  It’s 100% original, the first round wall hanging of its kind.”   Rob personally oversees the production of every Walbea to ensure that you have an absolutely terrific buying experience.

We create our art with you in mind.  Our designs are reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s.  Whether it be The Partridge Family or the Brady Bunch, Ray and Charles Eames or your Grandma’s tulip chairs, we want your Walbea to bring about fond retro memories and make new modern ones. 

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. 

We are happy when you are happy.

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