Amber Rose Handmade Glycerin Soap

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 The Druish Dragon

Hello!!  The item you are looking at is one handmade bar of vegetable-based glycerin soap.  There are NO animal ingredients – perfect for Vegans!!  Also, our soap base DOES NOT include Triethanolamine.  Each bar of soap comes wrapped in plastic, as glycerin draws moisture from the air and will basically melt away if stored for a long time with no wrapping. 


Each 3.5-oz. handcrafted soap is a half-loaf shape (rounded top and flat bottom), which measures approximately 3” x 2.25” x 1” high.  Only cosmetic-grade fragrances and colorants are used in our products.  Some products also contain botanicals, such as flower petals and leaves.  Because each bar of soap is individually made, the bar you receive may look slightly different than the picture shown!


A muskier scent than pure rose, amber rose is perfect for those who like floral without smelling “flowery.”  A small rose (made of goat's milk soap) embedded in the bar lends a romantic touch.  This soap does not contain botanicals.  


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