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 MORLEY 6 CHANNEL VOLUME PEDAL SLMC-6 MULTI-CHANNEL  5.1   includes carry case.   works.  6 inputs , 6 outputs.  no scratchy pots.  all optical.   great for keyboardists.   Perfect pedal for you Hartmann Neuron users !! One of these days i will get a Neuron keyboard. till then...   GREAT SHAPE. VERY CLEAN, NO DENTS, NO RUST,   RUNS ON EITHER 2 NINE VOLT BATTERIES OR A POWER SUPPLY.   YOU CAN USE ONE INPUT OR ANY AMOUNT OF INPUTS OR ALL 6 INPUTS AND OUTPUTS .   TWO CONTROL KNOBS - MINIMUM VOLUME AND TRAVEL

POWER: Two 9 Volt Batteries or 12VDC 300 milliamp adapter (center pin is
CONTROLS:  Minimum Volume, Travel
• NOTE: This pedal is not intended for use through an effects loop (send and

• Minimum Volume Control: This allows you to adjust your pedal as if it were
specifically made for you. We'll give you two examples of how this control can be
used. Once you've used it, you'll probably find even more uses. 
 NOTE: Because of the many varieties of instruments and amps, the minimum
volume control may have no effect until it is turned clockwise (right) half or
more of its travel. This is normal - time spent finding the right setting will
make your pedal's volume response perfect for your style. 
 Example #1 - For volume change throughout travel of the pedal: With the pedal in the
“off” position (toe up) while continuously playing a note on your instrument, turn the
minimum volume control clockwise (right) until you start to hear the note through your amp.
Then, turn the control counter clockwise (left) slightly until the note can't be heard through
the amp.
 Example #2 - For rhythm to lead changes: With the pedal in the “off” position (toe up),
turn the minimum volume control clockwise (right) until you're playing at your normal
rhythm level through your amp. With this setting, you can play rhythm with the pedal
“off”(toe up) and move the pedal forward (toe down) for solos. When you return to rhythm,
simply move the pedal back to “off” position. This eliminates hunting for your original
rhythm volume level once you've completed your solo.
• Travel: This control changes the response of the pedal. 
 FULL (counter-clockwise) spreads the volume control out over the entire pedal
sweep. The end result will be a pedal that comes on very slowly at first and then
increases towards the middle and end of the sweep.
 SHORT (clockwise) makes the pedal come on a bit sooner for more traditional type
volume swells. 
• Electro-Optical: The amount of light from the LED (Light Emitting Diode) that
shines on the LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) is controlled by a shutter placed
between the two devices. Our unique electro-optical design ensures smooth overall
control of the Volume without unwanted noise typical with potentiometer (pot)
controlled pedals.
• LED WAH On/Off Indicator: A red LED located above the Minimum Volume
knob serves as a power on/off indicator. 
This 6 way Multi-Channel Volume Pedal has been specially designed for gradual
volume increases as the pedal is moved from off (toe up) to mid-travel (halfway
between toe up and toe down).  From mid -travel to full on (toe down) the volume
increases faster. This audio taper combination gives you majestic volume swells -
great for pedal steel effects - when using the full pedal travel (toe up or toe down)
or subtle volume change with slight pedal movement. The pedal should be plugged
into your signal chain directly after your instrument and before devices that add
gain (such as preamps, distortion and overdrive effects). Plugging into the pedal
after these type of effects may result in unwanted volume in the “off” position.
NOTE: How fast you move the pedal affects how the volume increases. The
slower you move the pedal, the smoother the volume increases.
9V: Use Morley's 12 VDC 300 milliamp adapter only. Center pin is positive.
INPUTS (Channel 1- 6):  Input jacks. Plug instrument into these jacks using 1/4”
guitar cables.
OUTPUTS (Channel 1 - 6): Connect amplifier(s) to these jacks using 1/4” guitar
Use Morley's 12VDC 300 milliamp adapter only. To prolong adapter life, always
plug the adapter into the pedal BEFORE plugging adapter into power source. 
The SLMC-6 is designed to use two 9 volt batteries when not using an adapter.
We suggest you use good quality alkaline batteries.
To prolong battery life, unplug your cord(s) completely from both input jacks
when not using the pedal. When the pedal is not used for extended periods, we
recommend you remove the batteries from the pedal or replace them every six
months to prevent leakage problems. 
Low or fluctuating output levels and/or a dim LED power indicator are signs of
weak batteries. To avoid poor performance, replace the batteries when these signs
Slide the battery door located on the underside of the pedal to expose batteries.
Make sure the polarity (+/-) is correct before inserting the new battery.
When you close the battery door, you will notice it fits very tightly against the
batteries. This prevents the batteries from rattling inside the pedal.

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