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    GN-58-A Generator, AN/GRC-9 U.S. Army Radio
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    Generator GN-58-A, one (1) each US made. Condition NOSB (New Old Stock in original Box). These generators were manufactured by Tele King Corporation for the U.S. Army Signal Corps on Order Number 41617-Phila-52-11. All that I have looked at were packed in April 1953 and include a spare brush set. The unit pictured is representative of those opened for inspection. All show minor markings in the paint where they have been touching the cardboard packing, and some surface rust, as can be seen on the top in one of the photos (the packing method has them upside down in the boxes, where they have been for more than half a century). Some of the outer boxes are in poor condition in in which case a replacement box will be used for shipping.

    The GN-58 is a DC hand cranked generator producing outputs of 1.4, 6.3, 105 and 425 VDC when operated by turning a pair of GC-7 cranks which are inserted into the 3/8" square drive sockets on each side of the generator. Flip up covers for the drive sockets are visible in two of the photos. In use, it is normally mounted on three legs (two LG-3-B and an LG-2-B which includes a seat for the operator, or the shortened jump version which has no seat). The generator is connected to the RT-77 or RT-77A/GRC-9 radio by Cord CD-1086 attached to the socket shown in the bottom view photo, and will operate both the receiver and the transmitter, although in normal operation the receiver will be powered by a Battery BA-48. It was originally produced as GN-58 near the end of WW-II (circa 1944) as a replacement for the GN-57-A used with the SCR-694-C. When the AN/GRC-9 replaced the SCR-694-C shortly after the war, most of the accessories, including the GN-58-A (a slightly modified GN-58), were carried over to the new radio set. It was superceded circa 1956 by the G-43/G, which is essentially a GN-58-A with a new nameplate and a redesigned tripod leg assembly. The GN-58-A was also used with the RS-6 and will operate the AN/GRC-109 when connected to either the PP-2684/GRC-109 Power Supply or the CN-690/GRC-109 Regulator, although the generator specified for that set is the G-43/G.

    Please note specifically that NONE of the accessories mentioned above are included. This auction is for one item only, a GN-58-A Generator.

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