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    LS-3 Loud Speaker U.S. Army Korean War Radio NOSB
    Condition: New
    Price:  $50.00 


    Loudspeaker LS-3, one (1) each. Condition NOSB, tested working. Finish is semi-gloss black. Photograph is typical (stock). Contractor Best Manufacturing Co, Inc. Order Number 3069-PHILA-52.  All units are tested and working before shipping.  If you happen to need two to four of the LS-3's, I will accept a Best Offer of $45.00 each.  See last paragraph for shipping option.

    The LS-3 is a 6" diameter permanent magnet loudspeaker mounted in an 8" x 8" x 4.75" felt lined steel box. The speaker and input jack are mounted to the rear of the louvered front panel, which mounts to the open front of the box. Between the speaker and the front panel is a heavy gauge wire screen. Mounted on the speaker is an 8000 ohm to voice coil matching transformer. The JK-33-A input jack (with flip-up cover) matches the 7/32" diameter 3-circuit PL-68 plug, commonly used for microphones. This is a carry-over from the field-coil type loudspeaker that the LS-3 replaced. The rear of the steel box has four tapped holes and 1/4"-20 bolts for mounting. Most WW-II production was finished in black wrinkle. Korean War production was finished in black semi-gloss or green semi-gloss or flat.

    The LS-3 was part of SCR-177, SCR-188, SCR-193, SCR-197, SCR-210, SCR-245, SCR-299, SCR-399,SCR-499, SCR-506 and AN/VRC-1 where it was used with BC-189, BC-312, BC-314, BC-342, BC-344 and/or BC-652. It can also be used with the BC-224 or BC-348 if they are set for high Z output. It was carried over into the early AN/GRC-26 and AN/GRC-38 models. In the late 50's, it was replaced by the LS-215/U, which differed only in having 4000 and 500 ohm taps on the matching transformer (and may be painted green).

    Note to domestic buyers only - If you authorize me before I have printed the postage to remove loudspeaker from its original box, I can ship one only in a Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate box for a substantial savings (domestic shipment only).  This also saves money for shipping two or more LS-3's, each in its own Flat Rate Box.  Also, if you request Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate, you are agreeing to NOT receive the LS-3 in its original box as that box is too tall for the Medium Flat Rate Box.  Note also that only one LS-3 will fit into one Medium Flat Rate box.

    Note to all:  The maximum number of LS-3's that can ship in one cardboard box is three (3).  Shipping more than three is too heavy for cardboard and would require custom-building a wood crate.  Which the average buyer neither wants to wait on nor wants to pay for.

     Two for $90.00.
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