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    REPRINT SHIPS 242A 1945 Navy Radio Radar Sonar Listing
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    Reprint of SHIPS 242A, List of Naval Radio, Radar and Sonar Equipment Arranged By Navy Model Letters, January 1945, one (1) each. Condition REPRINT (Cover to Cover). 152 pages, 8-1/2x11, screw post bound.

    This is a reference handbook. There are no photographs. The handbook starts with an explanation of the Joint Army/Navy (JAN or AN) nomenclature system followed by the Navy Model Letter System. Next is a listing of the two, three and four letter Navy Contractor Codes as of late 1944 (These codes were also used by the Signal Corps on the nameplates of many sets). The balance of the book is an alphabetical listing of JAN, Navy and (only if procurred by USN/USMC) Signal Corps equipment. Each entry consists of seven columns as follows: Model (revisions or later orders [suffix A, B, or -1, -2, etc.] in general are separate listings), Contractor(s), Year (of first contract or order but it isn't specified whether FY or CY), Normal Power Output, Emission, Frequency Range, Purpose -Remarks.

    Earliest entries date from 1918.

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