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    REPRINT SHIPS 275 - 1944 US NAVY Radio Equipment Catalog W/Photographs
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    SHIPS 275, Catalogue of Naval Radio Equipment (CONFIDENTIAL), 1 August 1944, one (1) each. Condition REPRINT (Cover to Cover). 244 pages, 8-1/2x11, screw post bound.

    SHIPS 275 is one of the indespensible reference works for the WW-II U.S. military radio collector. Originals are extremely rare. It was classified CONFIDENTIAL during the War (the current equivalent classification is SECRET) and very few originals exist. All copies were supposed to have been destroyed when it was superceded and greatly expanded shortly post-war by NAVSHIPS 900,116 (which is also available).

    The organization or structure is similar to the radio sections of the Signal Corps TM 11-487. It contains basic technical information on ground and shipboard radio sets, including Radio Direction-Finding Equipments, Radio Transmitting-Receiving Equipments, Radio Receiving Equipments, Radio Transmitting Equipments, Radio Homing Beacon Equipments, Signal Corps Equipments (only those used by USN/USMC) and Harbor Detection Equipments.

    The earliest sets in each catagory are DAB, MN, RAA, TAB-5, YE-1, BC-312, JM-4/QBC-1/RBF-1. The complete list of equipment covered is too long to give here. Each listing consists typically of two to four pages with one or more photographs, technical specifications, vacuum tube complement, list of major components, and a text description. This reference does not cover aircraft, radar, IFF or aids to navigation equipment, some or most of which were classified higher than CONFIDENTIAL.

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