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Getting Started Guide for Vendio Store Merchants

Vendio welcomes all the new Vendio Store owners. We've created this step-by-step quick start guide for merchants to help you get started quickly and efficiently with your Vendio Store.

Getting Started

1. Register. Make sure you complete all the information accurately.
2. Use our Free Trial period in order to become familiar with Vendio Platform and start selling on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, MoreCommerce marketplaces and your Own Store.
3. Choose your Store name and Hosting options. Each Radio button has additional instructions and information.
4. Choose a Store Template. These are editable and customizable.
5. Enter your Store Information.

Your Store title and description is what appears as your title and description on Search Engines.

Keywords should describe the types of products you are selling.
6. Enter a Welcome Message, About Us Information, Policy Information and Upload a Logo.

Default text has been entered to help you get started quickly. These products can also be edited at anytime from your Stores > Info & Policies page.
7. Your Store is now Set up.

Next Steps:
  • Create Categories
  • Customize with Store Editor
  • Enter Products
  • Upload Images
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Create Categories

1. Store category creation is located under the Stores Tab. Click on Categories.
2. Select New Category to begin adding categories.
3. Type in your Category Name and select if the category contains mature content or products, then select Done.
4. To Add a Subcategory, click on the main category and select New Subcategory.
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1. To customize your store, select Template Editor under the Stores Tab.
2 From your Stores Editor, add in all the modules and set their placement.

Once you have selected the modules, you can drop and drag the modules to experiment with placement.
3. Add SEO options to your existing categories.

You can add additional information and category images if you want to expand on your existing categories by selecting Modules, then Edit categories.
4. Edit the content of your Store Pages.

To edit any store page, select it from the drop down menu under Store Page:

You can create your own custom pages by selecting File>Create New Page and adding content from My Content.
5. Advanced Options

Vendio Store is completely customizable including CSS and HTML Files.

In most cases, unless you are designing your own store, you will want to stick to adding Google Analytics and viewing your SEO Options.
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Adding Products

Please view the Getting Started with Vendio Guide to begin entering products into your store. This includes import and how to customize Create Items, allowing you to create your own custom listing page for your Vendio Store.
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Other Great Features to Check Out

Vendio Platform offers many other features that can help you increase your business - so be sure to check out each tab to see all the exciting and profitable features that are available to you.
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