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posted on August 11, 2001 12:50:22 PM new
How do you?
I recently discovered a huge box of VINTAGE tupperware. Some of the lids and pieces are yellowed.
Is there a safe way to bring back the original white and brightness. Bleach is good for stains but is not very effective on the aged yellow.

Any help would be appreciated.


posted on August 11, 2001 01:02:07 PM new
Packer, I would try one of the following"
- white vinegar
- lemon juice
- baking soda
- one of the above and then the sun - put them out there in the bleaching sun - it does bleach bones after all so ought to bleach tupperware

I use the sun all the time for linens and I am always amazed at how well it does get rid of yellowing.

Hope this helps, good luck, sounds like a fun lot!

posted on August 11, 2001 01:07:19 PM new
Thanks touchofeurope,
I'm washing it up as we speak, I will try the white vinegar & baking soda, then I'll let it sun dry and we'll see what happens

Thanks...I hope it works, I discovered a lot of neat pieces. Darn, I need a bigger house because then I'd keep em.


posted on August 11, 2001 01:38:18 PM new
Hi Packer, Please don't laugh but I have found that Oxyi Clean, (the stuff sold on those infomercials on TV) actually works.

I wouldn't buy it from an infomercial but I saw it in the super market and thought I would try it. I was shocked. I had a pair of white curtains that were yellow and I had used everything I could think of to get them white, including bleach, and they were still sort of yellow. I soaked them in OC for 10 minutes and they turned white again. I have used it on tablecloths with old stains as well. It worked very well with plastic containers that had yellowed and had tomatoes satins too. Even a piece of metal I had used every metal polish known to man came clean easily.

The one thing I did notice is that it takes out stains but not dirt. I washed everything with laundry detergent or soap after I used the OC. I know it is strange that stuff from an infomercial actually works, but it does.

posted on August 11, 2001 01:41:10 PM new
Packer I work in the plastic industry and actually Two thing that cause plastic to yellow and age are bleach and sun.

to avoid rapid ageing of plastic avoid sun and bleach...

infact bleach use on some types of plastic cause a cemicalo reaction and poisonious gases to be formed.

There is Really no way to remove the yellowing of age its self but a good cleaning can go a long way towards brightening up your Tupperware.

What we do with yellow aged plastic where I work is to grind it up and use it in the mix as recycled in new product..

Just wanted to add the the oxigenated bleaches might work but dont use to much and rinse very well as it will tend to make the plastic spongy soft.

Remember plastic is man made its mainly an oil base Product and the oxigenated bleach will tend to change the plastics cemical make up, plastic inspite of how it feel and look and its abilty to hold liquid is not a solid and absorbs things easily ..
Email dman3@nycap.rr.com
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posted on August 11, 2001 02:05:55 PM new

I don't know about your tupperware, but the lemon juice/sunlight combo worked on a piece of white melmac I have.

It had this yellowish brown stain in the bottom and I washed it with warm soapy water, applied some lemon juice and then stuck it outside for the day.

Re-washed and the stain was gone.
posted on August 11, 2001 02:30:09 PM new
Thanks you guys & gals,

You have given me some great tips.

I've always used bleach on my own tupperware to get..ohh, like tomato sauce stains out.

Guess I shouldn't be doing that.

You know what, that darn tupperware takes a lickin and keeps on ticken. You really can't hurt it unless you melt it(I've done that a few times), one thing for sure the older tupperware you ABSOLUTELY cannot nuke it in your microwave. I've ruined several nice pieces doing that.

Again, thanks for the tips.

You know those pepper shaker lids are so annoying and icky looking after they have been used awhile. I always just quit using them after they get so ugly with stain.


posted on August 11, 2001 02:39:17 PM new
Packer, A good friend, (she had to be for me to go to all of her TP parties) sold TW in the late 60's and early 70's. I would buy at least one piece at each party. I really didn't use it much and toted it around with me for the last 30 years.

The last time I moved I found it and decided to use it. You are very right you cannot use the old stuff in the microwave. The microwave was a mess and the smell was awful.

posted on August 11, 2001 08:41:24 PM new
Try some Fantastik. The lady of the house has gotten almost of the Tupperware we use at nearby Thrift shops and the stuff is remarkably good at rejuventating some of the dingy pieces.

By the way, I like Fantastik for cleaning some of the dingy plastic surfaces of my computer. Just keep it off your monitor screen and don't spray it on directly!

posted on August 11, 2001 08:50:26 PM new
I've been using some of the same pieces of Tupperware for over 20 years, and I buy more (via yard sales) whenever I find them. Now that I live in the country, I'm constantly battling vermin (what does the cat think his job is, anyway?) and the bigger the Tupperware, the better, because every food item I own is removed from the box and encapsulated.

I run mine through the dishwasher without the dry heat setting (air dry only). Nothing I've ever tried gets it any cleaner than that. I have nuked my Tupperware, but only at low temperatures, and I never put tomato products in them, it eats the plastic.

Only the lids have a life expectancy, I have to replace the square rounds every 8 or so years.

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