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posted on March 17, 2003 11:45:30 AM new
Is there anyone with a ruling from the USPS to ship jigsaw puzzles via media or book rate?

posted on March 17, 2003 12:04:42 PM new
I don't think they are considered Media or Books at all. But I guess you might get away with it if the pieces don't rattle...

posted on March 17, 2003 01:12:50 PM new
Jigsaw puzzles are not media mail. I can't see any way that they could possibly fall into that category, and interpretation would be a severe stretch...

posted on March 17, 2003 01:58:48 PM new
Catchin' comes before hangin'

posted on March 17, 2003 02:24:34 PM new
Since they are not to heavy I send them by the cheapest priority rate. The buyers I have had didn't mind that. I would never use media mail for anything but books.

posted on March 17, 2003 02:38:49 PM new
I have always shipped them parcel post but I've had a lot of buyers ask about using media because it's so much cheaper and a few have told me that other sellers are willing to do it. I guess I'll stick to parcel post unless someone finds out different!!
Thanks for all the info!!!!

posted on March 17, 2003 08:43:07 PM new
Interesting thread! Just recently I sold a beautiful museum jigsaw puzzle, and the buyer asked if I could send it media mail.

I replied that I would looove to be able to do that but do not dare risk being kicked out of the post office forever in our little mountain town. I told her I know that some sellers will do that but my good name is more important to me. Then I spelled out for her what media mail actually covers and she replied that all is well.

There was a thread recently here in AW about the misuse of media mail. Shame on those sellers. They're going to get rates raised on all of us with that kind of behavior.

posted on March 18, 2003 06:57:31 AM new

I agree with you 100%. Use media mail for what is allowed and the rest can go first class, parcel post, priority, etc. If a buyer has a problem with that then he can go buy from someone who is not so trustworthy.

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