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posted on April 24, 2003 01:13:52 PM new
I've got a very expensive item that I sent to a buyer FedEx 2nd Day. It actually arrived at the buyers house the next day. That was three days ago. Now they have made 3 attemps and every time they have not been home. I purposely do not sign the "release signature" because I don't want something so expensive just being left on someones doorstep without their sig.

I have never had this happen before. Usually if the preson is not home, FedEx leaves a note, the recipient signs it to release it the next day, or goes and picks it up. It seems like I've heard that after 3 attemps they send it back to the sender. If that is true, do they charge me shipping again? And also, what do I do if they do? He paid via PayPal, so now I have a fear that maybe he really didn't want the item and will do a chargeback or something. I did send it to a confimed address.

Has anyone every experienced this before?
Thanks for any advice you can offer


posted on April 24, 2003 01:35:00 PM new
have you tried to call him??
yes,if he files a complaint with paypal and you cannot show signature receipt,paypal will refund the payment in full from your account.
what it really boils down to is that the item was never delivered to him.
if he waits after 30 days and file chargeback,there is a 10 dollars chargeback fee you need to pony up.

posted on April 24, 2003 03:55:45 PM new
I would call the buyer as soon as possible. If you can get them to agree to pick it up at fedex then you could call fedex and have them hold it for pickup.
You would need to do it before they send it back.
If it does come back and you need to reship it, you might want to consider Fedex Home Delivery with evening delivery or appointment delivery.
posted on April 24, 2003 06:21:42 PM new
Thanks for the help. I checked the FedEx tracking and this is what it says:

Package status/LITHIA SPRINGS GA 04/24/2003 16:50 Rerouted to revised delivery address

And then it says delivered at 16:51. Strange! At least he got it. I am SOOO glad I didn't have to call him. There is nothing more I hate than having to do that. I am so not a phone person. And I always think the worse.

Again, thanks for the advice, at least now I'll know what to do if that happens again.


posted on April 24, 2003 07:06:41 PM new
depending on how expensive the item is,i would still call him and just confirm he has signed for and received the item in good condition.
dont just rely on fed exp driver and fed exp system

posted on April 25, 2003 09:02:38 AM new
First, paypal won't do a chargeback provided you shipped it within 7 days of payment, and obviously by using fed ex, there was tracking.
I would contact them immediately to find out the scoop. If you don't hear from them, and it gets returned, I would most definately charge them for shipping again. It's not your fault. I don't think Fed Ex charges for returned packages, but if they do, I would charge that person the fee on top of sending it back to them.

posted on April 25, 2003 09:08:01 AM new
she said it is a very expensive item,so signature receipt is required for seller protection.

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