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posted on September 7, 2010 02:14:42 PM new
I authorized Vendio into my eBay account last week. I then realized that the majority of my description box was FILLED with their advertising junk. Gallery, buyer appreciation, etc, etc. I don't pay eBay fees to give Vendio free advertising. I do it to sell stuff. I have since canceled every single thing with Vendio except picture hosting, which I fully intend to cancel in the near future because of this whole debacle. I have also revoked Vendio's 3rd party authorization through my eBay account. Their banners are still trashing up my eBay listings. Even new listings have these things in them. How do I get them out of my listings once and for all and for good??

posted on September 7, 2010 02:22:39 PM new

We can remove the gallery and Buyer Appreciation banners from your ads automatically from here, you just have to ask (if you emailed support already to ask then this will probably be redundant.)

Note however that you will need to re-authorize your token before we can clear them out of your listings, otherwise to do it manually you would need to edit your item descriptions to remove the HTML code that makes these banners appear.

You can update your token from the Preferences - Channels page. Once it's valid again, let us know either via email or here in the message board and we'll clear the banners from your listings.

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