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Bates Finned Exhaust Clamps 1.5" Vintage Triumph BSA Norton

Price: $150.00

Up for grabs is a vintage set of 1970's  BATES LARGE FINNED 1.5" EXHAUST HEADER CLAMPS.


Bates Industries filed for Patent # D217052 in 1969 and manufactured a very small number of these large finned exhaust clamps.  The Bates clamps are easily recognizable for their larger size and the increased number of fins as well as their  different fin shape, which really sets these fins apart from the standard "large finned" clamps that are easily found on the market and also gives these extra cooling power.  



Please take a careful look at all of the pictures and make your own final determination on the condition, I have taken the time to take as many detailed pictures as possible so buyer knows exactly what they are getting.

-These clamps are in overall very good condition with no chips or broken fins, and both clamps seem to still have good threads and no stress cracks at the pinch bolt mounts on the back 

-These clamps both have the BATES Patent # stamped on the back.

-They are definitely showing their 40+ year old age in wear and patina to the aluminum finish. 


These are designed to fit any application that utilized slip over style exhaust clamps (such as most old Brit bikes) and is running 1.5" diameter exhaust pipe.

Having owned both the 1.75" and 1.5" versions of these clamps I have found that they are the same in all proportions, the 1.75" version just has a thinner inner wall at the clamp area...meaning if you are looking for 1.75 clamps you could easily ream these out from 1.5" to 1.75".

Please make sure this will work with your custom application and/or within your fabrication skills.


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*Please look at all of the pictures carefully and message me with any questions or if you would like any additional photos or description of the item.  Please also do your own research if you are looking to make sure your restoration is 100% model year correct as I do my best to research and confirm the exact year(s) for all parts as best I can but make no guarantees.  I also do my best to describe each item in detail and take as many photos as possible, if you are ever unsatisfied with any item and feel anything was misrepresented please let me know and I will do what I can to make you happy.*

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