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posted on April 28, 2001 09:32:00 AM new
Hey guys! Quick question...have a buyer that gave an address of..."APO, AP 96326-2300" - I am assuming this is a U.S. Military Base somewhere...as far as the shipping goes, is this still considered a U.S. Address? Is there anything special or different I need to do to ship the item to this address? Thanks in advance for the help! Have A Great Day!

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posted on April 28, 2001 09:38:57 AM new
APO AP is a US military address overseas in the Pacific. It goes to the last USPS site, then transfers over to the military Post office and travels the rest of the way for free. You can send it as you would any Stateside package, but Priority shipping times are not guarranteed, and parcels need to have item listed.

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posted on April 28, 2001 09:55:10 AM new
Yes, what cabledogii said.

It'll probably need a customs form attached.

posted on April 28, 2001 11:07:09 AM new
Attach a customs form. Be sure to write in the description area " For use only by members of the U.S. Armed Forces"

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posted on April 28, 2001 02:53:04 PM new
One other detail that may or may not matter to you..Delivery Confirmation is not usually available for APO addresses.

posted on April 28, 2001 03:38:39 PM new
I will give you another warning. I have shipped to one of these addresses media rate and found out it takes FOREVER. It took my customer's package about 6 weeks to reach him. When I checked with the PO they said it can take up to 2 MONTHS media rate. I would warn your customer if this is what you are using. I will never ship Media to a APO address. I don't believe I needed a customs form either for this. Good luck!

posted on April 28, 2001 05:40:41 PM new
BTW, APO addresses aren't necessarily military personnel. They are also used by US employees working for US corporations overseas.....such as the oil field guys in Saudi Arabia.
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posted on April 28, 2001 07:22:37 PM new
It uses the same shipping rates as standard U.S. and takes a little longer to get there. You can not have delivery confirmation. If it is a valuable item, I recommend insurance. The only package of mine that ever got lost was sent to an APO address. It took 5 months for the PO to admit it got lost.

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