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posted on December 13, 2001 05:19:55 PM new
11:40am December 13, 2001

I have had for 40 years a heavy purple glass object (used now as a paperweight!) which says
:"Patented Oct. 24, 1899, Jan. 30, 1900." Below that is "Adairack No. 3 James Adair
Pittsburg (sic) Pa."

It is about 3.5" long, an inch or so tall, an inch or more front to back. It has a sort of slot in the
middle of it (a v-shape, actually), and two small round indentations on each end of the long
sides. I found it many years ago in a classroom I took over from a dead teacher.

I've looked on google.com and find no one or company by that name and no mention of the object itself. I'd love to know more. . . .
Thanks in advance for any information you may have. ~Adele

posted on December 13, 2001 06:42:10 PM new
could it be an electrical insulator?
posted on December 13, 2001 09:33:08 PM new
Can you post a picture?

posted on December 13, 2001 11:10:51 PM new
Mcjane: Can't post a picture until next week; our daughter just had her first baby--a boy--and we're leaving early in the morning to visit.

Sisbear: I had wondered whether it could be an insulator--it's about the length and width but is such a different shape, all rectangular and triangular, that I couldn't imagine that would be the case. And "Adairack" sounds as though a rack of some sort is involved. What's odd to me is that Google.com turned up nothing at all on the guy or the item.

Next week I'll try to get a couple of pictures to post. Thanks for trying!

posted on December 14, 2001 03:29:46 AM new
Sounds like a business card holder to me. A lot of companys gave them out as advertisements.

posted on December 14, 2001 06:54:14 AM new
toolhound, that was my first thought. maybe the indentations held an inkwell and a pen holder? with the card holder in the center portion?

without a picture it is very difficult.

posted on December 14, 2001 07:55:42 AM new
Hi, all! We're off on a car trip in 5 minutes but I wanted to comment on the last two suggestions. My thought was a business-card holder, too, but the "V" isn't deep enough. And the indentations you mentioned are on the vertical side edges, not the top.

I know, I know--picture coming as soon as we return! That'll help a lot. Still looking for the company, to see if "Adairack" rings any bells. Thanks loads! Adele

posted on December 14, 2001 09:15:44 AM new
In 1890, James Adair patented a new amusement device which consisted of an electrically propelled vehicle to be operated in an enclosure having a metal floor and electrically charged ceilings, and capable of being steered in all directions by the rider.

Perhaps this is a part of the ride...an insulator?

posted on December 19, 2001 06:30:37 PM new
Lowprofile, thank you SO MUCH! I'm back from our trip and will post a picture soon. I do appreciate the information on J. Adair.

posted on December 19, 2001 08:41:08 PM new
roadsmith--here is a closed auction that should interest you.

1900 Adairack Glass Paperweight NR
Item # 1043011024

posted on December 20, 2001 10:26:07 AM new
Libra63: Ho. Ly. Cow! Thank you *so much* for spotting that auction. That is exactly what I have, but mine is that gorgeous old-glass purple.

I noticed he listed it under paperweights/desktop items. Didn't sell. I think I'll try it in the glass insulator category--and/or is there one you'd recommend? It's obviously USED for a paperweight but I'm jsut sure it wasn't one to begin with.

Well, thank you again for your help! Adele

posted on December 20, 2001 01:39:02 PM new
roadsmith, it's FLD, list in both! Good luck to you. Sounds fun.

Angels 'n Stuff
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