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posted on May 14, 2003 09:32:56 AM new
I have a set of 12 teaspoons by R.Wallace. They are marked 1835, is that the pattern # or the date? There is no hallmark, so can I assume that they are not sterling silver? Close to the bowl is the word "triple", any idea what that means. Also, there is an engrave "M" or "W" on the end, which way up should the engraved letter be, with the handle facing up or down? I appreciate any help, there are far to many unknowns to list at the moment.
posted on May 14, 2003 10:39:31 AM new
It's not Sterling it's silverplate; the "triple" likely refers to triple plate.
If you can post a scan or photo of the handle, I can check my book tonight to see if we can identify the pattern. You'll do
much better if you can include the pattern name in your listing.

If you hold the fork up, (with the tines at the lower end and handle at the top), I beleive that's the way the monogram should be read.
posted on May 14, 2003 11:26:31 AM new
Thanks cobblecreek, the picture is not real good, I don't take very good close-up pictures.

Also, should I clean the spoons, they have just a little tarnish, but have been kept rolled up in a cloth container.

posted on May 14, 2003 11:56:45 AM new
I am not sure about this, but it appears as it might ne "Grape" made starting in 1910. The 1835 on the spoon is the year that the Wallace Co. started making silver ware. They made both Sterling & plate. This plate (triple plated). The value is diminished because of the mongram. It cannot be removed from plate without doing a resilver which makes it cost prohibitive.

posted on May 14, 2003 01:00:49 PM new
Sorry, Sanmar, but that's a floral pattern. Not grape.

1835 is the year Wallace Silversmiths was established and "1835 R. Wallace" is a manufacturer's mark.

There is no pattern name for this design that I could find.
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posted on May 15, 2003 12:16:47 AM new

That is Wallace's "Floral" pattern. It's a multi-motif pattern, which means that there are different designs for different pieces. Most of the teaspoons you see have a different flower in the middle of the handle--I think it's an orchid--so you might get a nice price. I believe this was sold from about 1903 or 1904 until around 1917, so it's solidly in the Art Nouveau period. There are a number of open and closed auctions, so you can get a good idea of what these are likely to bring. You might get a better price selling these in pairs (one auction at a time) instead of selling all at once.

I think the poppy design is the most beautiful of the handles. The berry spoon also has it, and that's what started me collecting it for myself! I have a huge set, and now I just look for the unusual serving pieces if they're at a decent price.

Here's an auction (it closes today) for the berry spoon with a very good picture of the handle detail if anyone's interested.


Not lurkyloo on eBay
posted on May 15, 2003 04:29:25 AM new
Thanks lurkyloo that's a great help. I was going to sell them as a set as they came in one of those fabric roll-up containers, but maybe I would be better so sell them in 2's, I suppose there are always people looking for small amounts to complete sets. I didn't realize that it was so old.

posted on May 15, 2003 03:19:31 PM new
Amber, I think selling them in 2's is the best way to go if you don't mind putzing with them a bit. I usually shine them up enough to tell if there is wear to the plating, (check the heels of the spoons, that's where it seems to show up first).
It doesn't look like they are terribly tarnished right now.

Good luck with them!

posted on May 15, 2003 06:06:53 PM new
Thanks for the advise cobblecreek. I can see no wear of the plate at all, and almost no tarnish, but the undersides of the bowls are quite scratched with wear, I don't suppose there is anything I can do about that.

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