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posted on March 15, 2006 07:29:48 AM new
Whenever I seem to have a problem or question, this is the place I come to!...Trivial thing but would like some help or advice...I bought a sports magazine off ebay with a mailing label on it...I'm getting it signed by the athlete on the cover, and would like to frame it and hang it after it's signed...My question is, anyone have a PROVEN method (I don't want to experiment with this one) for removing mailing labels from magazines safely that doesn't take off or peal off the magazine cover under it???...Any help would be appreciated...Oh, and this is an older magazine, you know the kind I mean, that doesn't have the new kind of label that easily peels off that's used now sometimes on magazines...THANKS!!!

posted on March 15, 2006 07:59:48 AM new
I've found that most mailing labels on older magazines are pretty permanent, and have not found an effective method to remove them. It's a combination of cheaper paper stock on the cover, and type of adhesive used on the label. Keep in mind... that even if you were able to remove the label, you'd be left with a rectangle of cover that would be obviously a different shade than the rest of the cover (everything else has probably faded with age). You're probably best off leaving the label where it is (or finding another copy that doesn't have the label)

posted on March 15, 2006 09:42:52 AM new
You should be able to use a hair dryer and heat up the label. That will reactivate the adhesive so the label can be removed. However, emgmt is right. You will end up with a retangle spot where the label was.
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posted on March 15, 2006 11:16:38 AM new
Here's a little stamp collecting secret. What you need to use is Prinz UHU stamp lift fluid. I found one seller on ebay who carries it and can be found here at this link and hey, there a vendio user to . This is a fluid used to lift stamps safely off of envelopes and the like, is archival in quality with a neutral pH. Wonderful little fluid. Just add a few drops to your labels, let set for about 30 seconds and off they come. It can also be bought from philatelic supply stores and if you have a stamp collectors store close by they probably have it.

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posted on March 15, 2006 11:37:53 AM new
Hey, thanks Mikes4x4, that stuff looks like just what I need!...Appreciate your help...I may still get a different shade of the color on the cover under the label, but I'd still rather have that then the mailing label...Thanks again for your help!!!...

posted on March 15, 2006 11:40:48 AM new
Jeff: Don't be afraid to have the mailing label on the framed piece, unless the label is in a very obtrusive spot or is very large or ugly. We enlarged a 1930s Sunset Magazine cover and framed it, label and all, and it actually adds some authenticity and charm to the final product.
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posted on March 15, 2006 11:44:36 AM new
You might want to leave the labels on.

Many collectors prefer unrestored condition, rather than buy a magazine that might be considered defaced by the label being removed.

posted on March 15, 2006 01:23:41 PM new
I know this works on books. Put it in the freezer for 24 hours. This will crystaliz the glue & the label will come with no resdue.

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posted on March 15, 2006 04:02:46 PM new
Actually before the new stuff came out that Mike was talking about the freezer was the only way to liftstamps with out soaking. The new stuff is a lot better. It does the job. Years ago I messed up some nice stamps that were stuck using the freezer. It did help on some though. I remember my mother complaining about the stamps in the freezer.


posted on March 15, 2006 11:04:45 PM new
Maybe you could make a label copy it except make your name and address on it to place over the existing one? Just a thought but will also change original condition. So any removal or replacing might change value of item.

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