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posted on October 16, 2010 08:35:00 AM new
I received neutral feedback today from a buyer who obviously has absolutely NO clue.

His feedback reads, "item not quite what expected. Glasses not specified as small version."

Here is my listing:

As you see in the 2nd and 3rd sentence, I do clearly state which size these are and provide the measurements.

I called eBay and got the typical runaround... "feedback is opinion based" BS. Ironic that the feedback completely contradicts the FACTUAL information listed in the description.

I sent the buyer a nice response through eBay messaging referring him to the item description and asked that he correct the feedback.

Frustrating in that I received no contact from the buyer. Just an obviously undeserved neutral with inaccurate comments.

posted on October 16, 2010 08:36:50 AM new
LOL. I just read my title and realized I answered my question...

eBay won't even remove it when there is an obvious conflict in item description and the misrepresented feedback.

i have to put it into the hands of a newbie who didn't read the item description, and somehow I seriously doubt they will bother to read my emails.

posted on October 16, 2010 08:44:34 AM new
I think I figured out the best way to leave "negative" feedback for a buyer without being negative.

Maybe sellers should start using a two word comment such as, "Buyer Paid".

That remains positive according to ebay rules, but if I saw it it would raise some eyebrows as it doesn't say anything more.

posted on October 16, 2010 10:09:55 AM new
Based on a recent experience regarding negative feedback from a buyer, I am again reminded of the eBay feedback imperative...(which I, regretablly, didn't follow)...NEVER LEAVE FEEDBACK TO A BUYER UNTIL THE BUYER LEAVES FEEDBACK INDICATING SATISFACTION WITH THE TRANSACTION. I've learned my lesson...and will be including a notice to future buyers that I will leave feedback when theirs is received. After 10 years of selling, the light finally dawned!

posted on October 16, 2010 10:33:38 AM new
For years I have always left feedback after the buyer leaves feedback... even after they removed the ability to leave negative feedback.

I think that buyers deserve it when they finish the transaction.

posted on October 16, 2010 11:53:07 AM new
I have a buyer who keeps telling me Ebay would not remove her neg she left me,I have to ask Ebay to do so,is it true?
And why should EBAY LISTEN TO ME?
There is no 'Global savings glut',only wild horses and loose bankers.
posted on October 16, 2010 12:13:41 PM new

Please see the following eBay location for information on how to submit a feedback revision request to the buyer:


Please review the link carefully before sending a feedback revision request to your buyer. There are restrictions and limitations to when/how often a feedback revision request can be sent. Please note that the above link is only for when your buyer agrees to revise the feedback. It is usually best to confirm with the buyer that they will revise the feedback prior to sending the request.


posted on October 17, 2010 05:59:52 AM new
Thank you Nathan.
I used the form and my bidder has changed her feedback.
There is no 'Global savings glut',only wild horses and loose bankers.
posted on October 19, 2010 08:02:18 AM new
I waited for a response from the buyer regarding the neutral. None.

I finally decided to leave feedback.

"Obvious Newbie. Paid"

They have bought 3 items. they left a neutral for another seller. Get this...

"got product fairly quickly. Bidding process felt off."

eBay tells the seller to contact them and blah blah blah... but obviously ebay needs to educate these people about leaving feedback. did this other seller deserve a neutral because the buyer didn't get the bidding process???

both instances this user abused the feedback process.
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posted on October 26, 2010 12:05:45 PM new
A newby gave me 2 neutrals a few months back - good feedback but neutrals .I blocked her.she emailed a week later asked me why she could not buy more,cuz it said she was blocked?
I left her blocked and did not respond.

I wish eBay did not send the buyers a email requesting them to leave feedback ..... some just do not "get it" they have no ideal what good feedback is.

posted on October 26, 2010 06:49:30 PM new
I recently blocked a buyer who'd requested different shipping than what I described. She said she'd pay extra but when I sent message ($3.00 extra), she refused and said she was "dissatisfied". That's when I blocked her...and got a huge neg! As much as I HATE the underserved neg (she was po'd about being blocked and said she wanted to bid on other of my auctions. Said she'd change the neg when I unblocked her. No chance on that.) what is more upsetting is her comment: FAKE! The item I sent was exactly as described. This lady is intractable and I have no interest in further contact. I haven't contacted eBay as I feel it would be a waste of my time. Just venting a bit as I feel that the current feedback system is highly skewed toward the buyer and it really bothers me that we, as sellers, have virtually no recourse, and get no support from eBay, for bidders such as this one.

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