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Get your items found - and sold

Vendio online Stores leverage the most current technologies, social media, and the power of search engines to attract buyers. Built in marketing features help ensure your items will be found, drive sales by offering promotions and coupons, and help you to analyze trends - keep on top of what works, and avoid what doesn't.

Comparison Shopping:

  • Automated Product Feeds

    Automatically send a product feed out to Google Shopping and expose your items to millions of potential buyers. There is no need to map fields and export files - we upload and update your feed on a daily basis, so you don't have to lift a finger. Other CSEs are in evaluation for inclusion in our automatic feeds.

Search Engines:

  • SEO

    Vendio online stores have built-in SEO (search engine optimization) features that can be leveraged to increase exposure in Google Shopping and organic search results. Available fields for meta tags, titles for pages and categories, and access to robots.txt files allow for maximum SEO control.


  • Google Analytics

    Use a free Google Analytics account to track store traffic. Easily place the tracking pixel on any store page or shopping cart. See where shoppers are dropping off, and which pages result in sales.

Your Online Store - Everywhere:

  • Facebook Store Application

    Get your items in front of 800+ million Facebook users with the Vendio Facebook Store application. Sell your Vendio Store items directly from your Facebook page.
  • iPhone/iPad Ready

    Vendio Stores and checkout are optimized for viewing on devices like the iPhone and iPad, and are also generally compatible with Android and other mobile device types. Mobile commerce is growing by leaps and bounds - be ready for it!
  • Store Widget

    The Vendio Store widget enables you to embed your online store wherever you have HTML control. Put your store on your blog or business web page, and generate sales from specific audiences. The store widget is customizable, so it can be seamlessly integrated with external pages.


  • Discount Coupons

    Drive repeat purchases and customer loyalty by using Vendio's automated promotions engine to send coupons to existing customers. Send in batches or individually, and set expiration timeframe and usage parameters.


  • Sell on eBay, Amazon and MoreCommerce

    Sell on your own online store, AND Amazon, eBay, MoreCommerce marketplaces and Facebook - all from the same interface. Vendio is one of the only truly multi-channel solutions for eCommerce. Learn more about selling on multiple Marketplaces.