eBay Motors Fitment Compatibility from Vendio

eBay Motors Fitment from Vendio

If you sell auto parts and accessories that can fit multiple types of vehicles, then the eBay Motors Fitment compatibility feature from Vendio will help you reduce insertion fees, increase eBay searches results, and reach more eBay Motors buyers.


Save time with one listing for multiple parts

There's no need to create 5 or 10 separate listings for each part that you want to sell on eBay. Instead, use eBay Motors Fitment to create one listing, then add all compatible vehicles.

Increase visibility and reach more buyers

eBay is making it easier for buyers to find the parts that they need. Use eBay Motors Fitment and get included on all relevant search pages. Not only will you get a boost in search results, but you'll also improve your overall listing performance score.

Significantly reduce insertion fees

The average motor part can fit 32 cars. Instead of listing one part 32 separate times, you now only have to list once. That's like a savings of 31 listings fees per part!

No extra cost!

Vendio's eBay Motors Fitment compatibility feature is already included in our Marketplaces Plan. There's no extra cost involved, so get started today!


  • What is Parts Compatibility?
    Parts Compatibility allows a seller to list one part that fits a variety of vehicles and a method for buyers to find the parts that fit their vehicle.
  • Why should I use Parts Compatibility?
    There are a number of very good reasons for you to use parts compatibility. First, you save on listing fees by creating one listing that specifies all the vehicles your part will fit. Second, you get a boost in eBay's best match search and provide a better buyer experience.
  • Where do I access Parts Compatibility?
    When you select the Motors - Parts & Accessories category, the fitment section is automatically populated into Vendio's Create Item form. When entering your eBay information, select "more eBay options" and enter the details in Item Compatibility.
  • What Parts & Accessories Categories does Vendio Support?
    Vendio supports all the Parts & Accessories categories that eBay offers. Currently, the following categories are not available in Parts Compatibility on eBay.
    • Car & Truck Parts - Wheel + Tire Packages (#66479)
    • Car & Truck Parts - Decals, Emblems & Detailing (#33643)
    • Vintage Car & Truck Parts - Wheel + Tire Packages (#140748)
    • Vintage Car & Truck Parts - Decals, Emblems & Detailing (#80736)
  • What if I do not know what my part is compatible with?
    eBay has compiled a list of parts research. Click here for more information.