eBay Selling Tools - Build an Online Store with Vendio's eBay Seller Tools

Vendio - Your eBay Selling Expert

Vendio has been a top provider of award-winning eBay seller tools since 1999. We have had a lot of time to figure out the ins and outs of selling on eBay, and perfecting tools that allow sellers to do so effectively and profitably. Our pricing model has changed as we've grown, and the suite of tools we offer has been greatly expanded. Today, although we've moved away from offering mostly free services, two of our most popular applications remain available for free - the Vendio Gallery, which is a cross-promotional tool, and Buyer Appreciation, which helps sellers build relationships with their buyers.

Vendio Goes Beyond eBay

Vendio got started by developing tools for eBay sellers, and over time we found that many of our customers wanted to expand beyond eBay. We got busy and launched Vendio Platform, which is optimized for selling on marketplaces and channels other than eBay, such as Amazon, Etsy, OpenSky, online Stores, and Facebook. The Vendio Platform offers tightly integrated eBay and Amazon inventory and order management software, and includes a free online Store and shopping cart with Facebook access - all from a single application and interface. With Vendio you can diversify your sales channels and reach more buyers.

You Can Go Beyond eBay Too

Vendio Platform enables you to publish items on Amazon, OpenSky and Etsy, build your own eCommerce website, and sell on Facebook in addition to selling on eBay. All channels and inventory are managed from one interface, creating efficiencies that will save you time that can be invested back into your business. Vendio has design partners who can work with you to build a brand and create custom templates for eBay and your online Store.

To learn more about how Vendio can help you sell on eBay and beyond, please contact us.