Vendio Applications | Auction tools to enhance eBay selling & more.

Integrated Vendio applications designed to help you sell online

Vendio offers a series of fully integrated applications that enhance the already powerful functionality of our multi-channel inventory and order management tools. Use applications to please customers, track business, and generate more sales.

    • Vendio Counters

      Available free.

      Vendio Counters provide a simple way to track traffic levels on individual eBay listings and other web pages. See if your items are being found, and track the titles and features that lead to clicks and sales. Many different styles to choose from.

    • ZoomStream Images

      Available with all plans.
      Starting at $1.00/image.

      Quality images are critical to the success of high-value items such as antiques, coins, jewelry, autos, etc. The ZoomStream image format allows you to embed high resolution images in your listings (or other web pages) without impacting page load and without stretching and distorting the listing page. Enable viewers to zoom in on the smallest detail without scrolling. Optimized for images between 1 and 15 megabytes.

    • Vendio Counters PRO

      Included in all plans.

      Vendio Counters Pro does more than just track traffic. Counters Pro includes levels of reporting and analytics not available with most simple page hit counters. Gain information on important metrics, such as the time of day and day of the week that produce the most traffic. Compare your listing performance to competitors for insight that will give you an edge.

    • Vendio Store Widget

      Included in all plans.

      Display your Vendio Store content in any of your web pages. Use the Vendio Store Widget to embed your Store wherever you have HTML control, such as a blog or personal website. The Store widget can be customized to match the theme of your website. Enable more buyers to find your items with the Vendio Store Widget.

    • Wholesale Sourcing by AliExpress

      Included in all plans.

      Looking for new products to sell online or even in your brick & mortar store? Vendio has partnered with AliExpress to offer a selection of over 5,000,000 wholesale products and exclusive pricing on top selling products. Only Vendio merchants will have access to exclusive deals, coupon offers and a dedicated customer service team to ensure that the wholesale buying experience goes smoothly.

    • Image Hosting

      Included in all plans.

      Vendio Image Hosting employs the latest cloud-based technology and multiple redundancy for maximum uptime. Vendio's full-featured Image Hosting service enables you to easily upload, resize, organize, and maintain a library of images to use in listings or anywhere on the web. Increase sales revenue by using good-quality, reliably hosted images.

    • Image Watermarking (requires Vendio Image Hosting)

      Included in all plans.

      Improve brand awareness and discourage image theft with Vendio Image Watermarking. Apply a custom watermark instantly and automatically to all your Vendio-hosted images. Watermarks can be text-only, or any image - use your logo, or your eBay ID - whatever you like. The watermarking tool offers a variety of customization options such as color, size, transparency, special effects, and placement control. Your images are valuable assets - protect them with Vendio Image Watermarking.

    • Vendio Research


      Use Vendio's eBay Research tools to identify the right products to sell on eBay, sell them more profitably, and beat the competition. Sounds like magic, right? Vendio Research chugs through millions of closed eBay products every day to provide you intelligent and customizable selling recommendations. You might live without Vendio Research, but your competitors use it every day to beat you.

    • Vendio Reports

      Included in all plans.

      Vendio Reports help track business activity and measure sales performance, which is imperative in growing and managing a business. All transactions managed through Vendio are captured and charted in easy-to-understand sales, cost, profit and tax reports. Date-range reports are available on demand, and can be exported.

    • Vendio Reviser

      Included in all plans.

      Make revisions to your live eBay items - individually or in bulk, manually or automatically - with Vendio Reviser. Revise prices, titles, quantities, and many other fields, and keep up with the dynamics of the eBay market.

    • Buyer Appreciation

      Included in all plans.
      Available separately free.

      Build a loyal following by establishing relationships with customers from the first bid or purchase. Vendio Buyer Appreciation automates personalized emails to bidders and buyers, which provides you with an easy way to connect and allows you to be involved in the sales process. Show buyers other items they might be interested in, increase your sales volume, and grow your mailing list as buyers opt-in.

    • eBay Market Research by Terapeak

      Starting at $29.95/month

      Vendio has partnered with Terapeak, the industry leader in eBay research, to provide you with the latest eBay sales data and analysis. Find out how well your products will sell on eBay and how to market them for maximum profitability. On average, Terapeak users make 65% more per sale. Get a year of eBay sales data and two years of category trend analysis with Terapeak.