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Vendio Reviser

  1. ebay only
  2. marketplace management
  3. business management
Vendio Reviser makes it simple to change your live auctions, and make changes to your product listings.

Revising prices is a cumbersome task. But sometimes revising a listing can make the difference between a closed sale and a lost opportunity. With Vendio Reviser on your side, you can meet your customers "where they are" and dramatically increase sell-through. With Vendio Reviser, online sellers can easily and automatically reduce prices or reserves for no-bid products close to ending, and much more.

  • Make changes to live products and listings: Reduce prices, reserves, and BINs for products with no bids. Ensure successful sales, even on products where relisting credits are at risk.
  • Maximize the visibility of your products: Edit your titles and subtitles, and add eBay marketing features on-the-fly. Increase your visibility so buyers see your products instead of the competition's.
  • Make automatic revisions: Set up simple rules and Vendio Reviser will do the hard product revision work of automatically finding live products with specific criteria, and making the associated changes.
  • Find and Revise: Make a single revision to a group of live products easily with a few mouse clicks.
  • Bulk Reviser: Make multiple revisions to a group of live products with Vendio's winning Bulk Reviser feature. Edit all revisable fields for up to 50 products on a single page, and make bulk changes and updates quickly.

What Vendio Reviser users are saying:

We have been using Vendio for the past 6 years and with the volume of products we list and revise, it has been essential.

- Cory Empens, online seller