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Vendio Counters PRO

  1. ebay only
  2. eBay Active Content Compliant
  3. marketing promotions
  4. analytics

Included in all plans.

Vendio Counters Pro provides a simple way to gain business information that can make a difference. Automatically install Vendio Counters on your eBay listings, or any website where you have HTML control, and gain instant access to page traffic reporting displayed in an intuitive, easy to understand format. Choose from hundreds of different styles, or keep your counters hidden. With Counters Pro you get :

  • Counters for eBay: Counters can be added automatically as items are listed, and reset on relist.
  • eBay Active Content Compliant App: Vendio Counters Pro is active content-free.
  • Closed Listing Results: Results for closed listings retained for up to 60 days.
  • Counters for the Web: Copy and paste the counters code into an HTML editor to attach to a web page.
  • Hourly Hit Reports: Page hits are broken down by hour. Gain insight into what time of day is best to list or make changes to your items.
  • Detailed Analytics: See hits and bids on each listing with a counter. Compare current price, hits, and bids to other products in the same category.

What Vendio Counters users are saying:

I use the Counters on all my listings and they are absolutely fantastic! They help to keep me aware of what's going on and I recommend them to every seller on eBay!

-Janelle Robertson