Selling on eBay: Vendio Marketplaces Help You Sell on eBay

Sell on eBay Efficiently and Effectively

Vendio eCommerce provides all the tools necessary to effectively sell on eBay in addition to other sales channels. Since 1999, Vendio has been one of the top-tier providers of eBay listing management software, and we know eBay inside and out! Vendio's cloud-based software was designed to help eBay merchants schedule listings, track inventory, communicate with customers, and fulfill orders - all from one place. Vendio makes selling on eBay easier, more efficient, and more profitable.


  • Import and Update from eBay and CSV

    Import your existing eBay listings or a CSV file to get started quickly. Once imported, inventory quantities and other fields can be easily updated individually and in bulk via CSV, or using Vendio's time saving bulk-edit feature*. You can also sell the imported inventory across channels - Amazon, Etsy, MoreCommerce marketplaces, your online Store, and Facebook.
    *Pat. 8,190,654
  • Create New Items

    Vendio provides an item listing form if you need to create an eBay listing from scratch. Multiple item creation is easy - just clone items as they are created to apply the same basic attributes, then change whatever details need to be adjusted for each listing as you go. Once you create an item for eBay, it is also available for Amazon, Etsy, MoreCommerce marketplaces, your Store and Facebook. You can be listing on multiple channels in no time!
  • Reusable Profiles

    Create reusable data profiles for your inventory. Profiles allow you to apply pre-defined sets of data to your items as they are imported or created, so you don't have to re-enter the same information over and over. Use profiles to apply shipping, payment, tax, and policy settings to your items. Create launch profiles to control when and how your items are listed. Use the same profiles across multiple eBay IDs and save countless hours by reducing repetitive typing.
  • Professionally Designed and Custom Templates

    Our eBay software provides hundreds of pre-existing eBay templates that have been designed with a variety of themes and colors. All templates provided by Vendio are mobile friendly and comply with eBay's active content policy. Choose the ones that best complement your products and improve sell-through. Get creative and design your own custom template with our free eBay template editor. If you prefer to work with a designer, we can help you find one.
  • Inventory Tracking

    Keep track of your inventory quantity and reduce the risk of overselling. Real-time quantity updates and alerts help you keep a handle on your inventory.
  • Items with Variations

    Save time and money by listing items with variations under the same top-level SKU. Define a single item with multiple variations and manage inventory more effectively. Create a smooth buyer experience by allowing buyers to find the color, size, etc. they're looking for from a single listing.
  • Order Tracking and Post-Sale Automation

    Make sure orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately in order to gain positive feedback and boost your eBay seller status. Getting the sale is only half the battle! Vendio streamlines post-sale activities by providing automation rules for order handling, sending feedback, relisting items, submitting second chance offers, and customer communications. You can also print postage and submit tracking numbers to buyers, and eBay, directly from Vendio.
  • eBay Motors Parts & Accessories

    Reduce insertion fees and improve the relevancy of eBay searches with eBay Motors Parts & Accessories compatibility. A list of compatible vehicles can be selected during listing creation if a part or accessory is compatible with multiple vehicle types. Virtually any merchant who sells motor vehicle parts will find this feature beneficial.