Vendio Stores plus Marketplaces Plan feature set details.

Save time and sell more on Amazon, eBay, Facebook and your online store

Vendio empowers you to sell, fulfill and measure your online selling successes with ease. We've build a robust ecommerce solution that can serve merchants of all size. Whether you want to open your first online store or are looking for a better, more robust alternative, we're here to help.

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Complete Multi-Channel Inventory Control

  • Manage inventory in real time across channels
  • Easily sort and filter thousands of products
  • Advanced bulk editing features*
  • Use the same product details on multiple channels
  • Complete variation support for multiple channels
  • Create one item, but use different variations on multiple channels
  • Make one copy or multiple copies of items
  • Quickly update products and inventory using a spreadsheet (CSV)
  • Import your products directly from eBay and/or Amazon
  • Reusable profiles to save time adding new products
  • Low inventory quantity alerts
  • Spell checker and HTML editor for product descriptions

Features Specifically for Your Web Store & Facebook

  • Sell your items on Facebook
  • Over 50 professionally designed store templates
  • Completely customizable (HTML, XML, CSS) Web store
  • WYSIWYG, drag and drop design editor
  • Use your own domain or we'll host it
  • Integrated, ad-free shopping cart with no software installation
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • SSL encrypted and PCI compliant
  • Easily ingrate your shopping cart with a free Google Analytics account

Features Specifically for eBay Merchants

  • Inventory or date-based scheduled launches (no eBay scheduling fee)
  • Reusable eBay launch, policy and shipping profiles
  • Reusable profiles and automation for eBay second chance offers
  • Multiple eBay user ID support
  • Automatic eBay re-launch when an item sells with Buy-It-Now
  • eBay multi-variation creation
  • No transaction fees
  • Live listing reviser
  • Automated emails to bidders and buyers to view your other items and join your mailing list
  • Scrolling gallery to display your other items for sale
  • Shared inventory with Amazon
  • Over 200 professionally designed listing templates

Features Specifically for Amazon Merchants

  • Amazon Seller Central (Professional Merchant) support
  • MWS Support (Amazon Marketplace Web Service)
  • ASIN support
  • Bulk match the Amazon catalog using ASIN, UPC, ISBN, EAN, or title
  • Catalog support for product variations
  • Import your Amazon products
  • Amazon FBA Support
  • Shared inventory with your Vendio store
  • Shared inventory with eBay
  • Amazon sales, profit, costs and tax reports with merchant-enabled automation and adjustments

Time-Saving, Accurate Sales & Orders Management

  • One sales dashboard for all your selling channels
  • Automatically send tracking number to eBay and Amazon
  • Automatic inventory reduction for orders
  • Send order tracking link to customer automatically via email
  • Accept, PayFlow Pro and PayPal
  • Accept offline payments for your Web store (checks, money orders)
  • No software to install for your own shopping cart
  • Customizable customer communication emails
  • Automated discount shipping insurance options

Marketing Features that Grow your Business

  • Inline SEO guide for your Web store
  • Quick add SEO features for your Web store
  • Automated feed to Google Product Search
  • Web store that is optimized for mobile devices, including Apple iPhone and iPad
  • Automated coupon system
  • Store gallery widget for use in blogs or emails
  • Branded single page checkout for buyers
  • Specify cost price and see profit reports

World-class Customer Service

  • Complete account set up and training for you and your team
  • Phone access to our expert customer service and account development teams
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