Multi-Channel Selling Tools

Multi-Channel Selling - Your Key to Success

Selling on multiple channels increases the exposure of your products to potential buyers. Simply put, if you're not selling on multiple channels, you are missing out on sales. Vendio eCommerce automates inventory distribution and tracking across sales channels, automates customer email communications, and automates order tracking and fulfillment - all from the same interface. Sell products on the world's largest online marketplaces - Amazon, eBay and Etsy - as well as Google Shopping, your online store, MoreCommerce marketplaces, Facebook and mobile devices - all with Vendio.

Vendio does the heavy lifting

We found that expanding multi-channel is a wish that all successful sellers have. This is why the Vendio Platform is optimized for selling on large marketplaces and channels. We currently support: eBay, Amazon, Etsy, MoreCommerce marketplaces, Facebook, online stores and we keep on adding. The Vendio Platform offers tightly integrated Amazon and eBay inventory and order management software, includes an online Store and shopping cart with Facebook access and also extensions to MoreCommerce marketplaces and Etsy - all from a single application and interface. With Vendio you can diversify your sales channels and reach more buyers.

Go Multi-Channel Today

Vendio Platform enables you to publish items on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and MoreCommerce marketplaces, build your own eCommerce website and sell on Facebook. All channels and inventory are managed from one interface, creating efficiencies that will save you time that can be invested back into your business. Grow your business today by expanding multi-channel. We have you covered with all the other details.

To learn more about how Vendio helps you sell multi-channel in no time, please contact us.