Vendio Press Release - June 1, 2009

Vendio Targets Auctiva Sellers with Bailout Plan

Extends unprecedented offer to eCommerce merchants hit with sudden fee increases

SAN MATEO, CA, June 3, 2009 — Vendio Services, Inc., the leading provider of eCommerce selling solution, announced today a special offer for the thousands of merchants given very short notice of dramatic fee increases by eBay service provider Auctiva. Given the unique situation, Vendio will provide any Auctiva user switching to Vendio free access to the Vendio Platform for the rest of 2009 along with a guaranteed rate of just $10 per month for 2010. Vendio's offer welcomes these new users with:

  • The Vendio Platform, including its FREE completely branded free online store and free online shopping cart
  • Robust eBay auction management, Amazon, and Google Product Search listing automation and order management in a single interface.
  • 2GB of image hosting at no extra charge (can be used as a standalone service). Vendio Store images are always free!
  • Vendio Gallery to cross-sell eBay items
  • Vendio Buyer Appreciation to increase buyer satisfaction and communication ratings

"We want to give Auctiva sellers more time to decide before they commit to spend their hard earned income, particularly in today's economy," said Michael Levit, Vendio's EVP of Sales and Marketing. "We are confident longer term that their experience with us during this offer period will help them understand the benefits of selling across multiple channels in one seamless interface that can be customized to their unique selling needs."

To take advantage of this offer, Auctiva sellers can simply visit Vendio and click on the Auctiva offer from the home page. After a quick registration, Vendio can also import existing items from eBay to help get sellers started listing again quickly for free. Over 20 customer facing employees are here to help via e-mail, phone, or chat inquiries along the way.

About Vendio

Founded in 1999, Vendio Services, Inc. ( helps small to medium-sized merchants (SMM's) succeed by offering them an integrated solution to manage their sales seamlessly and cost-effectively across multiple online sales channels including their online store,, eBay, Google, Shopzilla, and more. Each year over 80,000 merchants use Vendio's award winning multi-channel platform and applications to sell nearly $2 billion in merchandise. The company also operates Dealio (, a shopping and coupons site for consumers. Vendio is headquartered in San Mateo, California with a development office in Romania.
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