Vendio User Agreement: Personal Assistance Terms

Vendio User Agreement: Personal Assistance Terms

These terms are incorporated by reference into Vendio's User Agreement at and are subject to such User Agreement. Your use of any of Vendio's services is subject to the User Agreement in its entirety.


1. Hours of Operation. Vendio will generally provide Personal Assistance during normal business hours, 9:00AM to 4:59PM Pacific Time, excluding weekends and company holidays. Personal Assistance may be provided on an as available basis during times outside of normal business hours.

2. Multiple Calls. All calls necessary to resolve a single problem or question will be included within a single Call Event, as as defined in the Fees Policy, even if multiple calls are required.

3. Service Level All call requests will result in a call from a Personal Assistant within the next full hour during the hours of operation (the "Response Window"). For example, a call request for 8:45am will be made as soon as possible, but in any event prior to 10:00am (the 9:00-10:00am hour). If you do not receive a call within the Response Window (a "Late Response"), the Call Event will not be counted toward your Available Calls total in the billing cycle. Free Personal Assistance for the applicable Call Event will be the exclusive remedy for a Late Response.