Vendio Training | Selling Using eBay Catalog.

Sell using the eBay Catalog

1. Entering eBay catalog items is done from the first area of Vendio Create Items form.
2. Click on the Catalog Match button.
3. Select the eBay category or select a previously used category from the drop down if available.
4. Once you have selected the appropriate eBay category, click on the retrieve attributes button.
5. If you know your product identifier number enter the number and select the product identifier (i.e. ISBN-10, ISBN-13 for books), or you can search by title, author or keyword and select Search Catalog.

Search tips are provided and can be accessed by clicking on the "Tips" link.
6. Once you have found the correct catalog item, you can view additional details by clicking on the "view details" link and selecting the Choose This Item button and then selecting the OK button to continue.
7. The fields shown to the right will be pre-filled in the Create Items form and the title, price, start bid, images and attributes can be changed as you continue to create your items.
8. ebay requirements Spring 2011. Please check to see if there are any additional requirements before you list. Items in the following subcategories must be listed using our product catalog if the item has a match:
  • iPod and MP3 Players (subcategory #73839)
  • GPS Systems (subcategory #139835)
  • DVDs, HD DVDs & Blu-ray (subcategory #617)
If you don't follow this policy, your item won't qualify for the value box, which highlights the best deal from a Top-rated seller. Your listing will also be flagged and reviewed for possible catalog matches. Make sure your listing follows these guidelines. If it doesn't, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.
Note: If this is not the version you are using to create your eBay listings, please log in to your account and contact customer support for additional assistance.