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Natural Oval Cooking Planks

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Oval planks are beautiful, natural and, most importantly, add cooking flavor. Harvested from fresh cut Maine trees and cut across the grain to release more wood flavor. Slicing across the grain results in a slow release of the wood flavors into your steak, seafood, wild game, vegetables or poultry as it cooks on the grill or broils in the oven. These are beautiful natural ovals with the natural bark still on. Doubling as serving planks they add an extraordinary gourmet touch to your presentation. Simply incredible. Available in 9 varieties (Wild Apple, Atlantic Hickory, Northern Sweet Mesquite, Yellow Alder, Maine White Cedar, Black Cherry, North Atlantic Beechwood, Sugar Maple and High Mountain Olive) in 4 pack and 8 pack as well as 2 sizes.

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