Vendio | Affiliate Program

  • How does it work?
    We have more than 6 packages for businesses of different sizes. Available through ShareASale, our affiliates are remunerated based on the referral's subscription price, up to $500. For example, if a customer you refer signs up for our $249.95/month and stays with us for at least one subscription month, you'll be paid $250.
  • How do I become a Vendio partner?
    Simply sign up with ShareASale to begin earning commission. Already using ShareASale? Sign in with your existing ShareASale account to start earning.
  • What's a "payout"?
    Payouts are the one-time payment that you will receive for each referral. When a referral completes registration, you will be paid a commission on the plan selected, up to $500, as outlined below:
    Custom plan subscription is purchased - you earn $500
    $249.95 - Premier Managed Plan subscription is purchased - you earn $250
    $149.95 - Managed Plan subscription is purchased - you earn $150
    $99.95 - Pro Plan subscription is purchased - you earn $100
  • Is there a cap on the amount I can earn?
    There is NO cap on your commissions! You can collect as much income as you can possibly manage - our top affiliates make thousands per month. Lets all benefit from one of the best conversion rates in the industry.
  • What are the payment options for commissions payments?
    Payments can be deposited directly into your bank account, or you can choose to receive a check via USPS or Fedex. Choose your payment method after signing up (payment methods can be changed as needed). Payments are made on the 20th of the month when the account balance reaches $50 or more.
  • What type of referrals are qualified for commissions?
    To qualify, referrals must be new to Vendio. All referrals must register for Vendio, select a paid plan, and remain on a paid plan for at least one monthly billing cycle after signup. Affiliate commissions are not valid for existing Vendio customers who sign up for another account or Vendio product through an affiliate link.
  • Will I get any tools to help me promote Vendio to my clients?
    Yes! We provide some creative Vendio banners for you to use. You will receive a newsletter banners, logos, and text links.
    We have a dedicated Affiliate Program Manager to help you succeed.
    We are willing to work with you to create custom banners, links and landing pages as needed. If there is anything in particular you think we could provide that would be valuable to help you sell, please contact us.
  • I don't live in the U.S.. Can I still participate?
    Currently we only accept websites written in English and based in the US and Canada.
    We will keep you posted once we develop an international affiliate network.
  • What is the cookie duration?
    We offer a generous 90 day cookie period to make sure all of your sales count. If a referral clicks on an affiliate link and register for an applicable service within 90 days, the affiliate will earn the specified commission payout.
  • What affiliate service provider does Vendio use for tracking, reporting, and payment?
    Vendio partners with to power our affiliate program tracking, reporting, and payment. To learn more about ShareASale, please visit their FAQs.
  • Who should I contact if I need help?
    If you would like to reach a marketing contact at Vendio, please email [email protected]. To reach ShareASale Support, please email [email protected].
  • How do I cancel the program after signing up?
    Simply contact us.
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