Alibaba Acquires Vendio FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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Acquisition Overview

  • Why is Alibaba buying Vendio/ Why was Vendio sold to Alibaba?
    Alibaba and Vendio share a common vision to help make it easy to do business anywhere, with a particular focus on small to mid-sized merchants. Alibaba can offer amazing new and exclusive sourcing opportunities to Vendio merchants from their supplier relationships, and Vendio can offer an enhanced suite of selling services to Alibaba's customers who are leveraging their wholesale sourcing platform.
  • Who is and what is AliExpress?
    Alibaba is a leading global e-commerce company that employs approximately 18,000 people, with offices in more than 60 cities across Greater China, Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States. Their family of online properties have over 50MM users in 240 countries around the world. You can learn more about Alibaba Group. provides US merchants access to a wide range of opportunities to source products from Alibaba's global supplier base by enabling merchants to find suppliers and contact them for quotations. AliExpress provides the ability to purchase directly online from a subset of these merchants, with each purchase protected by an escrow service to ensure fulfillment before your payment is released.
  • What was the price of the deal?
    The terms of the deal were not announced. Alibaba's acquisition of Vendio is part of their investment to support US small businesses and their wholesale sourcing platform.
  • What will be the focus of the new company?
    Vendio will focus on expanding the comprehensive suite of services that help you identify and source great products to sell and then seamlessly help you sell them profitably on all the eCommerce sites you'd like to sell, including your own store.
  • What are the benefits to Vendio customers of this acquisition?
    Becoming part of Alibaba provides Vendio many more resources that will be used to expand and provide ever better services to our customers. Alibaba brings millions of products and supplier relationships that will be used to offer exclusive sourcing opportunities to you. Alibaba has a talented, intelligent, and very experienced eCommerce team that will lend additional guidance and ideas to help make US small businesses sell more profitably.

Integration with Alibaba

  • When will I be able to source Alibaba products through Vendio?
    Merchants using the current Vendio Platform have already seen some light integration over the last few months. These merchants should expect to see deeper integration to make sourcing easier over the course of the coming year. Merchants using Vendio and Andale platforms who don't currently have the ability to search for these products should expect to see integration efforts in early Q3 this year.
  • Are there going to be Alibaba specials for Vendio customers?
    Definitely. The Vendio team is excited by the prospect of having our supported merchants receive special access to a wide variety of unique products at rates better than those offered to merchants not sourcing through Vendio.

Pricing/ Fees

  • Will pricing or Vendio fees change?
    Vendio will continue to operate as a standalone business, with existing customer relationships maintained. The team will continue to identify ways to provide even more compelling products and pricing in the future.
  • Will my Vendio Store remain free?
    Yes. Vendio Stores have been a hugely successful product for Vendio, and we want to continue this momentum with an even more robust product at no cost to you.


  • Will any of Vendio's products be discontinued?
    There are no immediate plans to discontinue any products as part of this new relationship. As always, we want to feed more resources into the products you want the most and allocate fewer resources to products you've selected to be less important to your business.
  • Will Vendio continue to support eBay and Amazon?
    Vendio's focus on multi-channel selling hasn't changed. We expect to continue building out features for eBay and Amazon and adding more marketplaces and sales channels in the future. Alibaba provides an additional value added service earlier in the chain that helps you identify and source even more products through these channels.
  • Are there any new products planned?
    Always. We generally don't discuss new product plans too far in advance, but we have a lot of new opportunities to make your selling lives easier. Of course, we'll be working on integrating compelling sourcing options into the Vendio Platform as well.
  • Will this change impact site performance?
    Additional resources will be available to make the site perform better and better over time.

Naming and Contacting Us

  • Will Vendio's name change?
    Vendio is still Vendio. Lots of us still answer to the names AuctionWatch and Andale and Honesty, too.
  • Will I still access the site at
    Yes. You will continue to access your Vendio services as you do currently.
  • Will I still be able to reach you at the same phone numbers or emails?
    Yes. The numbers, e-mails, and your team will remain the same. You shouldn't see any changes.
  • Will Vendio still have the same offices in San Mateo, CA and Romania?
    Yes. We look forward to growing the teams in San Mateo and Romania to better serve your overall sourcing and selling needs.

Vendio Team and Support

  • Is the management team staying at Vendio?
    The Vendio management team remains largely unchanged through this transition. Current COO Mike Effle will assume the role of the Vendio CEO and Rodrigo Sales, current Vendio CEO, will become a strategic advisor to the company. Mike has been with the company over 11 years, which should enable a seamless transition.
  • Will there be any downsizing at Vendio? Will some of the jobs move to China?
    No changes to existing Vendio operations are expected as a result of this announcement. As we grow our mission to include the integrated sourcing opportunities and expansion of services generally, we expect to leverage additional resources in the US and Bucharest, and existing technology and technical advice from Alibaba's experienced team.
  • Will I have the same customer service representative?
    Yes. The Vendio support team remains the same.

Buying from AliExpress

  • Can consumers buy directly buying from AliExpress? If so, then what would be the merchant advantage? A few products, for example, had minimum 1 piece order.
    AliExpress is not meant for direct consumer purchases. The reason you see a 1 piece minimum on some products is so wholesalers can provide samples to merchants for review. There is a definitely a merchant advantage because the bigger the order, the better the discount. Test it out for yourself by clicking here to get our exclusive coupon for up to $100 in free products from AliExpress.
  • How can I be assured that I'm dealing with a legitimate manufacturer/distributor?
    As with any business transaction, it's important to perform due diligence before transacting with a potential partner. AliExpress helps with this process by offering a feedback system and a premium membership program to indicate trusted suppliers who've passed authentication and verification procedures. Most importantly, AliExpress offers free Escrow Buyer Protection where payment is released to the supplier only after you confirm delivery.
  • How do I know that the quality of products is par with US standards? For example, certain cat-metals (earring wires) are banned in US.
    Before placing a large order, it's advisable to ask for a sample so that you can see the product. As with any business purchase, you should also research the supplier and make sure that all questions are answered to your satisfaction before moving forward. AliExpress also offers free Escrow Buyer Protection so that if products upon receipt are not as described, you will receive a full refund.
  • How can I protect myself on the purchases?
    AliExpress offers a free Escrow Buyer Protection program where payment for orders is held in escrow until you confirm delivery. Refunds are available if you're unsatisfied with the order or if the order did not arrive.
  • How can I make sure that I get my order in a timely manner?
    Each item description on AliExpress includes a "Shipping & Packaging" tab where suppliers will notate the shipping company or companies they plan to use, shipping cost and estimated delivery time. You can also track your order from processing to shipment from your AliExpress account. It's also a good idea to have an open line of communication with the supplier so that you're alerted if anything were to cause a delay.
  • How do I contact AliExpress?
    You can reach an AliExpress service member by using their contact form which includes email and live support via instant messenger. There's also an active AliExpress community called "Ask It!" where you can view Q&A on a variety of topics and post your own questions.