Cross sell with a free eBay Gallery by Vendio

Cross-sell products in your eBay listings with the free Vendio Gallery.

The Vendio Gallery can increase your sales by up to 18% by showcasing your other eBay items within each of your listing pages. Our intelligent cross-promotion engine displays the most relevant and closely related products in the scrolling display first. Once a buyer has clicked in to view an item, it's critical to maintain interest. The Vendio Gallery engages buyers and provides cross-sell and upsell opportunities for you. The Vendio Gallery is mobile responsive and complies with eBay's active content policy.

The Vendio Gallery is customizable, so it won't compete with your listing theme or branding requirements. It can be installed off of eBay, on virtually any website or blog where you have HTML control. Set up your Vendio Gallery in five minutes, and watch sales increase.

  • Cross-sell: Showcase all your eBay products within a single listing.
  • Relevancy: Promote products that are most relevant to each listing first.
  • eBay Active Content Compliant App: It is mobile responsive and active content-free.
  • Customization: Choose from different styles and multiple color combinations.
  • Bundled with Vendio Buyer Appreciation: Vendio Buyer Appreciation is a free marketing tool that offers customized emails that enable you to start building relationships with bidders and buyers.

What Vendio Gallery users are saying:

Vendio's scrolling gallery keeps customers curious for more. Think of it like a 30-second TV spot, filled with your products and handed to your customers on a silver platter. It's very effective and beautifully presented. Thank you Vendio!

-John Martino