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Suspended from eBay? Don't panic!

Lately, there has been very poor advice circulating about what to do if your eBay account is suspended.

The bottom-line is that if your account is suspended, your ONLY option is to follow eBay's instructions to get reinstated.

Registering a new account *might* get you a short reprieve, but in the long run, it will catch up to you. If (and when) you get caught, then your suspension becomes permanent. Therefore, while it's tempting, please do not take this route.

If you get a suspension notice via email, please check the messages section of "My eBay" page first. The notice should appear on this page as well, if not, it's likely a phishing email. (Do not click on the links in the email, but instead forward to

If you are guilty of the infraction and the suspension is short (14 days), email with an apology and don't do it again.

If you are not guilty of the infraction, and do have documentation (e.g. you have permission to sell the copyrighted product), gather all your documentation and fax or mail to the contact information in your suspension email. Be prepared to wait.

If you are not guilty of the infraction, and do NOT have documentation (e.g. you sent packages uninsured with no delivery confirmation), try to resolve any outstanding issues directly with your customers.

If you do not understand why you received an infraction, email a response to your suspension notice and request additional information.

Above all, in any communication, remain professional. It's unlikely that "yelling" at a Trust and Safety representative who holds your suspension key is likely to yield positive results. When writing emails, bullet-point key pieces of information to highlight and make it easier for the person reading the email to understand the most important points. Writing a 10 page missive about how wronged you were and how poorly eBay treated you, is again, not likely to get you positive results. Be direct, succinct and honest. If you are an eBay PowerSeller, you should have a phone rep to speak with. Prior to calling, make sure that you are prepared. Have your documentation laid out and bullet-points written out so that when your voice is being heard, you can make a calm case with supporting evidence.

If your suspension is permanent, and you've been through all the steps in an attempt to be reinstated and you do believe that you were incorrectly suspended (e.g. they said you were shill bidding, but you were not), it may be time to get professional help. Talk to your attorney, and again, save him/her some time by having your documentation in order.

Steps to Prevent Suspension

  1. Read and understand eBay's Policies (easier said that done, but you should have a good general knowledge of what is and is not allowed).
  2. Document your transactions. Make sure you save your communications with buyers. Keep your delivery confirmation and insurance receipts.
  3. Don't leave negative feedback. If you have a non-paying bidder, it's better just to let it go than to end up with negative retaliatory feedback.
  4. Automatically set your feedback to leave feedback ONLY when feedback is left for you.
  5. Resolve any PayPal disputes ASAP.
  6. Always get a delivery confirmation or insurance for your shipments.
  7. Keep up with industry news through eBay & Vendio Announcements.
  8. Satisfy your unhappy customers. Think of it as suspension insurance (refunding is cheaper than aspirin for headaches down the road).

And if you are suspended, remember to take a long deep breath before you jump into "action". Be prepared, calm and smart about your next move.