How to Import Products via CSV: Education & Training

How to Import Products via CSV

Video Transcript

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    Welcome to CSV Import - Importing Items from a spreadsheet into Vendio
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    CSV stands for comma separated values and is a widely-supported file format you can use to import products into Vendio using a spreadsheet, typically Microsoft Excel that converts your data into the CSV format.
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    There are many reasons to use CSV to import products. If you already have your products in a spreadsheet format, it is easy to get your products imported. If you prefer working in a spreadsheet format, using CSV can save you time and if you are listing a large quantity of like products, using CSV import can help you become more productive.
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    The first step in your CSV import is to download the template. To download the template, log into your Vendio account. Under Items, Import Items, select the CSV Icon. Click on the download our spreadsheet template link and download the template.
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    The second step will be actually using the template. To use the template, enter your data into the spreadsheet. There is a "how to prepare your import file" PDF available that outlines exactly how each field needs to be formatted. Once your data is entered, save your spreadsheet as a CSV file. Please note: Do not change the top row of your downloaded spreadsheet.
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    Step three is applying bulk profiles and options. Before you upload, you can choose to make your products immediately visible in your Vendio Store. In addition, you can apply your pre-created profiles for shipping, payment tax, policy and eBay market to have your products market ready.
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    The last step is uploading your file. Once you have completed your spreadsheet, you can upload to Vendio. Your products will now be available in your store and on your "My Items" page.
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    If you have any additional questions, you can click on the contact us link on the Vendio home page. If you are logged in, you can also click on the help link on the top right of any page.