How to Import from eBay: Education & Training

How to Import from eBay

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    Welcome to "how to import from eBay".
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    First, set an eBay token. Before you import, you'll need to set an eBay authorization token. This eBay system allows Vendio to perform actions on your behalf, such as importing your products. To set your token, go to preferences, channels and click on Add New, then follow the prompts to set your eBay token.
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    Next, select your import source. Under Items>Import, select the eBay Icon. Import is not restrictive; you can also import products from Amazon and from CSV in addition to your eBay Import.
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    Choose the eBay ID from the drop down menu. Any eBay account where you have set a token will be displayed for your selection. Repeat this process for multiple eBay user IDS. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can import.
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    Next you will want to set your Vendio store options for imported products. You can add your eBay listing categories to the Vendio store. You can add your eBay store categories to the Vendio store. You can make newly imported products immediately visible in your Vendio store.
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    The last step is to set import title preferences. Typically sellers use the same options to import products with the same title as the same product. However, if you list the same product with different titles, you can choose if you want to import each listing as a separate product, even if they have the same title.
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    To finalize, select Import my eBay Items.
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    If you have additional questions, are you are not logged in, you can click on the "contact us" link on the Vendio home page. If you are logged in, simply click on the help link at the top right.